FW: FW: Me? Vaccinated?



charlie said...

But I identify as a vaccinated person so checkmate

If you're not vaccinated, you can still spread the disease, or you can contract it and die. The new B.1.1.7 variant is putting up to 48% of people under 50 who contract it in the hospital, including children.

So checkmate, RWD.

This is how stupid people have become...30 minutes later

The stupid part is that they're traveling during a pandemic.

That part went right over RWD's head.

Why is the flu down 98%?

The flu isn't as easily transmitted as COVID-19. Enough people are wearing masks to make a huge difference.


RWD apparently thinks it's OK for children to ride unsecured in the bed of a pickup truck.

Also - who wraps their kids in bubble wrap or wears masks in the car? [citation needed, or I'll assume it's a staged photo]

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