FW: FW: Joe's Priorities



charlie said...

One struggles to imagine what it must be like to live in the mind of a Republican, though these memes do give a clue.

None of these things are true. Are they imagining these things to be true?

Do Republicans really believe that Joe Biden is senile, despite the lack of evidence for it?

Do Republicans really believe that Donald Trump, a man who told us that this virus would just go away, created a vaccine for it?

And why do Republicans believe that Joe Biden has anything at all to do with Mr. Potato Head?

Joe Biden has accomplished more in two months than Donald Trump did in four years.

Joe Biden has done more for the average American than all Republican presidents have, combined, in the past forty years.

This makes Republicans sad, for some reason. If they want to be popular, why don't they just propose policies that the public doesn't hate?

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