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charlie said...

But they will be communists nonetheless

People who support government ownership of both private property and all means of production will come for our guns? Odd, since there are no Communists elected to any single notable office in the entire country at the moment.

[citation needed]

Dems schocked to find their lives still suck after Trump is no longer President

I don't know about that. Vaccine distribution is ramping up, now that there's an actual plan.

The stock market is improving. Unemployment numbers are dropping. COVID-19 case numbers are sinking like a stone.

And the government is about to pass a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. Things are going much better under Biden, actually.

...and know which bathroom to use

Are there people in this country who don't know which bathroom to use?

[citation needed]

Annoy a leftist using facts and logic

I haven't seen an argument from RWD in years that used either.

Unknown said...

I always find it amusing that the OK Corral imagery is used by gun lovers. The actual law and order action by Wyatt Earp was for gun control.

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