FW: FW: How Presidents look before and after



charlie said...

Biden signs orders on far-left health priorities

You really have to wonder why Republicans don't care about affordable healthcare. Medical expenses are the most common reason for filing bankruptcy in the United States - even among Republicans.

Ever see a Ferrari parked next to a garbage truck?

RWD obviously didn't see what Kayleigh McEnany looked like during the last two weeks of Trump's term, after her personal stylist quit.

She looked far worse then Jen Psaki does here.

This article covers it well: https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/donald-trumps-press-secretary-kayleigh-mcenany-looks-completely-different-after-capitol-siege/news-story/9ffb909fbfce62d170e6582a5ea48b70

I'm fully prepared to feed you some high quality bull shit for the next 1/2 hour

Yet RWD didn't cite a single example of her doing so. How about that?

BTW - Jen Psaki is actually holding daily press briefings and actually answering questions.

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