FW: FW: How Minimum Wage works!!!



Alienist said...

Fairy tales for the math illiterate. Does every employee of the dairy lead to the production of only 1 gallon of milk? Sure, raising the minimum wage will increase the cost of products, but nowhere near the degree our (barely) clever liar suggests.

Also, the shame of the underpaid public servant is NOT that those who work in "lower" service jobs are seeking adequate wages to live on, it is that we are allowing dedicated, trained workers to be paid so poorly in the first place!

charlie said...

In 1968, the minimum wage was $1.60, which was the equivalent of about $12.50 today.

The world did not end.

Numerous states now have a $15 minimum wage.

The world has not come to an end.

And finally, all wages derive from the minimum. If we eliminate the minimum wage, all wages will go down, including those who have a skill that's "worth more than the minimum wage."

RWD isn't very bright.

BTW - If RWD has any evidence that Joe Biden is having sex with minors, he should notify the authorities.

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