charlie said...

"Isn't it odd how the part of open borders, heroin needle sharing, and street pooping is suddenly concerned about the spread of disease?"

No party is the party of open borders. Needle sharing prevents disease. What is "street pooping"?

"It's an experiment to see who's a follower and who isn't."

Clearly, the people refusing to wear masks are the followers, as they're being told to do so by the Right Wing media.

"All he has in him is faith and not fear."

The Web is full of obituaries for dead preachers who died from COVID-19.

Kevin said...

Correction to the correction: No party supports "needle sharing", which spreads diseases like hep-c and HIV/AIDS. The anti-disease program is "needle exchange".

I also note that this roundup includes cartoons that

1. Says masks don't work;
2. Compare masks favorably to firearms;
3. Shows a mask as the only defense against "covid socialism".

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