FW: FW: The Campus


charlie said...

Has anyone ever been more mistreated than the average American Caucasian male?

Apparently not.

If only they could secure some representation in the federal government or the media...

Unknown said...

---There are no Bernie T shirts? is this campus supposed to be on another planet?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 Fixated guy.

Mr_Creosote said...

As opposed to God & Guns University of Homeschooling.

Well, I see anti-intellectualism is still alive and well in wingnut land. But what can one expect of a crowd that uses a remark like "why don't you just go read a book?" as some sort of taunt or slur.

Unknown said...

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Monday said China must pay more than the $2 billion it committed to the World Health Organization, calling the pledge a token to distract from what the Trump administration claims was Beijing’s failure to properly alert the world to the coronavirus outbreak.

China’s commitment “is a token to distract from calls from a growing number of nations demanding accountability for the Chinese government’s failure to meet its obligations ... to tell the truth and warn the world of what was coming,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said in a statement."

---The United States government just said that the World Health Organisation should be funded with more money than it currently is funded? ANd it is a Republican adminsitration saying this?

---MANDALAY bAY hOTEL IN 2017 fixated guy.

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