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  Hotel California - 2019
This all makes me sick to my stomach ... the video says it all and I am very disturbed by it. The music and the lyrics that are sung beautifully actually soften the blow of the homeless situation in CA. All Californian politicians should remove their heads from the sand due to their complete ineffectiveness AND THEN RESIGN IMMEDIATELY ... IN SHAME. Dems are the ones who feed off other people's misfortunes ... it happens to the Black community, to many other minority groups, to the impoverished, and yet, they foster Sanctuary Cities, ignore federal law (perhaps because of Trump at the helm), allow drugs of all kinds, do not enforce state and city laws, clearly advocate separation of the wealthy from all others, and especially the homeless, tax the living daylights of everyone who remains in CA, then they have the audacity to blame the Republicans for the mess they are in.
After watching the video, do yourself a big favor and read some of the commentary directly below it ... you will see how deranged (misinformed) some Democrat supporters are ... they are so blinded by their partisanship.
May GOD help us all ... my question is: Does anyone know how all of this will straighten out for the better down the road? While the answer is multifaceted and long term, I know the first step is to elect Republicans for all key positions. As Trump asked when he was still running in 2016 ...
Wake Up, California!!!
PS: I don't think I should have to say this, but I will ... If you hate Trump, as Pelosi does, but she fails to admit it, then do yourself another BIG FAVOR ... separate Trump the Man (admittedly a Dirt Bag) from Trump the Leader of our country who is accomplishing so much that sets impressive records in our country's history ... virtually singlehandedly. I really could understand why some of you do not like him, countless reasons to feel the way you do, but when you measure the statistical portfolio of his accomplishments, Trump reelection efforts in 2020 will give him and his supporters 4 more years to continue to excel to all of our benefit. (Some of you may say, I really, really hate him, but I have to admit he has done extremely well and our country has prospered because of him.) Look around you ... America is VIBRANT once again, and we continue to move in the right direction! Please consider joining the Trump movement, you'll feel so much better about our combined progress. (For the record, I hated Trump when he first announced his candidacy, but his campaign promises and genuine sincerity to help America sold me on him. Keeping his promises put him right over the top!)
The democrat party totally own this mess in California ... and the voters still insist on voting the same people that got them into this mess back into office every time the election season rolls around.
They'll never learn!


Unknown said...

"allow drugs of all kinds"

In June 1971, Nixon officially declared a “War on Drugs,” stating that drug abuse was “public enemy number one.”

Unknown said...

"separate Trump the Man (admittedly a Dirt Bag) from Trump the Leader of our country who is accomplishing so much that sets impressive records in our country's history ... virtually singlehandedly."

---Woody Allen did a story called "the Shmeed Memoirs" where the guys explain why he followed Adolf Hitler. "I did not know Hitler was a Nazi.By the time I realized it, I had bought some furniture on the installment plan, and it was too late."

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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