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charlie said...

Funny how light bulbs have been associated with the Left.

The law that eliminated the sale and production of incandescent light bulbs was signed into law by Republican George W. Bush, with the full support of the light bulb industry.

Here we are, a dozen years later, and LED bulbs are $1 apiece, use 20% of the electricity, and will work for 25 years...

...and for some reason, Republicans think those are all bad things.

Mr_Creosote said...

"Funny how light bulbs have been associated with the Left"

That goes back to stuff ginned up by talk radio about 10, a dozen years ago. I big hoo-ha about CFL bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs and wingnuts getting their panties in a wad over it. Troglodytes they are, they're still trying to harness the indignation over this, even though, as pointed out, new bulbs, especially LEDs, blow incandescent bulbs out of the water. Major fail in them trying to recycle the "outrage".

Other than that, just a bunch of other stupid memes acting as rebuttals to points nobody has made. Tilting at windmills...tilting at windmills.

Of course they'll throw the obligatory marine vet reference in there to rally around, since cowboys with white hats have become passe, and of course, gotta thrown in the word "God" all bolded and capitalized. wouldn't be a proper RFW if they didn't do that.

Unknown said...

---Does anyone know where the photograph of the woman insulting the riot gear wearing cop came from? If the protester was protesting the socialist politicians in Venezuela, would it make sense to mock her?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

Unknown said...

---thought: while looking for the nuclear testing climate change ideas origin, I found first the photoshop guy Diaz denouncing welfare, then a photo of multiple reports arguing for nuclear power plants to deal with global warming. I thought: the RWD e-mails never mention either the taxpayer, or private industry, putting up the money to deal with climate change by making new nuclear power plants?

---Not want to see the taxpayers put up the money is one thing. But why not write RWD e-mails promoting massive private investment in nuclear power?

---I am not in favor of new nuclear power plants. But I have watched a lot of Bloomberg financial news today, and of course private investors as the earth-shakers of the world is part of the cable channels ideas.

---Mandalay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

Unknown said...

---Does it seem possible that the symbol beside the number on riot police helmet has been blurred purposely? So that figuring it out the context of the original photo is harder to do?

---Mandalay Bat Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

Unknown said...

---The police woman appears to be from Chile. Although if the police there represent astronomy and books is still under investigation by me.

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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