Fwd: Fw: Nancy Pelosi's House (Castle?)!

Look at Nancy Pelosi’s house – do you see one shocking detail everyone's talking about?

Like all of the top Democratic windbags Nancy Pelosi bad mouths President Trump for being rich and for allegedly only working for the benefit of the rich.

Hypocritically Pelosi then goes home and lives a quality of life most Americans can only dream of thanks to the American taxpayer!
Someone recently snapped a shot of Pelosi’s impressive San Francisco mansion to drive this point home.

One glaring detail about this ritzy residence is that it's SURROUNDED BY A WALL!

You know why Pelosi has a wall around her home? For the obvious reason of keeping undesirable folks out of her yard and home. Kind of like the reason Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border.
But no that would be RACIST! At least according to Pelosi’s thinking.
Some liberals responded to the photo of Pelosi’s luxurious digs by noting that President Trump has MANY more and far larger residences.

But there’s one HUGE problem with that comparison.

Up until two years agoTrump was a successful businessman and had NEVER been a politician. All his wealth and the houses it has bought came from the success of his businesses.
Pelosi by comparison has been a lifelong politician. That means the money she uses to house herself so lavishly came from YOU – the American taxpayer.

Sure Pelosi’s husband is today a successful  businessman and investor but you don’t think her decades of top-tier government salaries helped him get there?

Now did you pay those taxes so that folks like Pelosi can live in the lap of luxury? Or did you pay those taxes thinking the money would be used to better the lives of all Americans?


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