charlie said...

21 people running for President and only 1 stands against killing babies.

Every single person running for President is against the killing of babies, which is a crime.

Not a single candidate has called for repealing laws that prohibit the killing of babies.

Almighty God please continue to protext our greatest President in American History Donald J. Trump.

Republicans have yet to offer an explanation for why they believe that God put Donald Trump, a man who doesn't attend church, a man who is a serial adulterer, a man who is an accused sexual abuser, and a man who has been sued thousands of times for financial fraud in the White House.

They've also never explained why they thought Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, a family man who regularly attended church, was the anti-Christ.

Thx 4 Fish said...

charlie, I'm sure that an evangelical preacher could get up and speak about his support for Trump at length, and manage to find a few bible verses to support the memes that he is chosen by God. But no one outside of this system of belief could swallow the absurdity. It's a feature of most of our ancient religions that they simply don't make sense, nor follow any logical ideas that fit with the modern world. So it is quite easy to convince someone who believes in magic and illogical fairy tales about God to start believing them about someone else, namely that Trump is somehow a good guy. These memes are a window into how evangelicalism has become an almost entirely political movement devoid of the basic religious ideas that it purports to follow. I know there are good evangelicals out there, but their leaders suck!

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