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charlie said...

The real problem with allowing the "voters" to choose the next President is that it may not work.

We know that Trump and the Republicans cheated in the last election with the help of Russia and Trump is about to be impeached because he got caught trying to cheat in next year's election, too.

If it were up to the voters, Trump would tossed out in a heartbeat, and most Republicans in Congress would be tossed out with him.

The Republicans know this, which is why they've engaged in gerrymandering and voter registration suppression at the state level and in using Russia to help them at the national level.

They're crooks, and they'll cheat to stay in power. This shouldn't be news to anyone.

Unknown said...

---off topic: a columnist named Scott Morefield on December 2 posted an article about the most important issues facing conservatives, and the only mental image was of a "rainbow flag waving leftist." He listed illegal immigration as his most important issue, but he had no image of anyone outside of the United States. He seemed to admire anti-abortion protesters for their energy, but did not seem to think any other politically motivated protester he liked existed.

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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