FW: A letter to Coke a Cola

Subject: Fw: A letter to Coke a Cola

President Ronald Reagan called Russia "the evil empire."  The question is, who has done the most damage to our American Republic?  Russia?  Or the evil, wicked, and criminal politicians of We the People in America?

The below is one of the best messages and replies I have seen sent to me by Richard Head.  It REALLY tells it like it REALLY is!  No more coke products for me.  All of you fellow Patriots will love it................E.

Were you offended by the Coca Cola Super Bowl ad as much as I was? You’re not alone. I think every real American who saw this abomination must have been offended by these invaders to our American culture. 
Lengthy read, but there's a lot of "telling it like it is". Read it top down for sequence

This Lady really nails it!
I watched some of the commercials that were played during the Super Bowl.  I always enjoy the ones from Anheuser Busch.  They showed the “Welcome Home” celebration in Winter Park, Florida, for returning soldiers.  And who doesn’t love those Clydesdales?   I didn’t like the one from Coca Cola.  All those young women singing “America The Beautiful” dressed in ethnic garb and singing in a foreign language really pissed me off.  Americans sing in English to honor America ; not Farsi or Urdu.,
I left a comment for Coke on YouTube under the video of that commercial.  I got a reply from them today, which you can read below, and then you can read my answer to them.  Maybe this time they’ll understand. 
I received this [back] from Coke:
Thank you for your email and your loyalty to Coca-Cola over the years,   We greatly value your business and appreciate hearing from you.

“It’s Beautiful” was created to celebrate Coke moments among all Americans who together enjoy ice cold, refreshing Coke.  For centuries America has opened its arms to people of many countries who have helped to build this great nation.  “It’s Beautiful” provides a snapshot of the real lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races and families, all found in the United States .  All those featured in the ad are Americans and “ America The Beautiful” was sung by bilingual American young women.

We believe “It’s Beautiful” is a great example of the magic that makes our country so special, and a powerful message that spreads optimism, promotes inclusion and celebrates humanity – values that are core to Coca-Cola.

You can find out more about our ad by going to Journey.  I really appreciate your feedback and hope this will keep you as a valued customer of ours.  We appreciate your interest in our Company.

Industry and Consumer Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company

Please use the record number below should you have additional questions.
My Reply:
Where do you live, Timothy?  Since you’re with Coca Cola, it is likely Buckhead or one of Atlanta ’s other exclusive, executive, country club neighborhoods.  I lived in one for over two decades, in Hudson, Ohio ..  I know what they’re like.   My youngest son lives in one near Atlanta, too, as he is a successful broker with E-Trade, in Alpharetta.  Those neighborhoods are not what most of this country is like, however.  Maybe you haven’t traveled much, or lived in many different states as I have.
America’s not so beautiful anymore, and it is full of immigrants that have no intention of assimilating into our society or becoming truly American.  They brought their own culture, keep their own culture, and never learn anything about ours, except to use it to their advantage.  They don’t even like Americans.  They make no effort to learn our language.  Ever been to Detroit?  I’ll bet you never tried to enter the closed Muslim festival that takes place near Ann Arbor, because you’d probably be assaulted before you got a block away.  We Americans are not so proud of that kind of behavior, and they aren’t there to celebrate being American. 
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,How about Collinsville,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ohio?  That’s a part of Cleveland, and the Collinsville police once yelled at me to “get the hell out of this black neighborhood, lady, or we will be calling the meat wagon!” because I had gotten lost there.  Police there were barricaded behind locked doors, and one could not see a police officer, but were required, in the lobby of the station, to pick up a phone to talk to one.   A white woman in that black neighborhood was in great danger, they explained.  The slums of Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, and especially Chicago, or any other major city are littered with filth and disease and the hatred of blacks toward whites.  It’s the same in the L.A. barrio, my friend, and they aren’t singing Kumbaya, either.  A recent mayor of L. A. declared he intended to take California back as Mexican territory.  Do you consider that a Kumbaya moment?  An “ America, The Beautiful” kind of moment?  They call themselves “Reconquista”, and they are there to do just that.  They murder and steal from Americans who live near the Mexican border in Arizona, but our government says Arizonans can’t protect themselves from the marauders.,,,,,,,,
Is the America where you find massive amounts of illegal drugs and thick lines of cocaine on glass -top coffee tables to be considered beautiful?  That’s what illegal aliens brought to our once beautiful America .  Is that meth lab in the house down the street beautiful?  Is the heroin epidemic now seizing the weak in America your idea of “ America, The Beautiful”?  Singing it to us in foreign languages is repugnant to us, and it makes us resentful.  Being sung by a young woman who is forced by her family to wear the clothing demanded by the oppression of her religion is also repulsive. 
Do you have children?  Are they allowed to wear a symbol of our country on their clothing?  America ’s schools don’t allow American flags anywhere anymore.  Where are your children going to learn of a “beautiful” America?  It won’t be at their school.   They are being taught how wonderful Islam is, and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo when their brother may be shot at by an Afghan terrorist or an alien illegally crossing our border to bring harm to our country in the form of theft, drugs, prostitution, or terrorism.   Watch the news; you’ll see how often there’s a squabble over such things, and how angry it is making real Americans.  You know, those folks that say the Pledge of Allegiance and mean it.  Probably like your mom and dad.  Those that came here to flee oppression and build an America they were also willing to die to defend.  Not the ones who want to “fundamentally change America ”. 
How about Watts, or South Central Los Angeles?   Boston,, or New York, or Patterson, New Jersey?  Do you ever have a desire to participate in or watch the Boston marathon again?  You think the Tsarnaov brothers are a part of beautiful America?,,
Beautiful?  No, it isn’t.  Not anymore.  Huge numbers of Muslims that threaten the white residents of Wylie, Texas by moving into a new neighborhood and holding closed, secret meetings in the park, intimidating white children, and frightening the elderly don’t make this a beautiful America .  
Illegal people from all over the world enter America through wide open borders and suffer no consequences.  Lovely people like MS 13 and other gangs, and terrorists from the Middle East .  Mexican, Central and South Americans serve as donkeys, as beasts of burden, bringing thousands of tons of illegal drugs into America, and you want to celebrate their heritage?  Why?  And you want me to celebrate their heritage with you?  Have you all lost your collective minds?
At least ten thousand people were brought into the New York City area as prostitutes to serve the football fans that came to see the Super Bowl.  Many of them were children.  The FBI has been busy rounding them up.  Some are only 13 years old.  Is that your America,, of which you sing in a foreign voice?  Human trafficking in this country is rampant; do you suppose a kid was given an ice-cold Coke to enjoy after some sweaty, grunting Denver or Seattle fan finished his sex act with her?  I hope it makes you shudder and puke.  Those kids were mostly brought into our country from a foreign land.  Is that what you want them to know of America, and sing it in their language?  What about the adult women who were victimized in that group of ten thousand?   Know this - they do not come willingly.  They do not perform those acts willingly.  And they sure as hell don’t do it to be in the land of Coca Cola ...   They hate us because we allow it to happen.  I hate to tell you what they would do to you with a bottle of Coke, and that I know of because I am an R. N. who witnessed such things in an emergency room.  That’s not “ America, The Beautiful”.,,
Well, Timothy, change for the better under liberals is just not going to happen, and the backlash I’m giving you is only a polite synopsis of the feelings millions of us have about those immigrants who speak different languages and come from cultures that we do not embrace, nor do we want our children or grandchildren exposed to them or their culture except from afar.  We do not want our grandchildren celebrating Cinco de Mayo and being told that they cannot display the American flag on their own home or a T-shirt.  It makes us angry, and where we once practiced tolerance and helped those who wish to assimilate, we now shun and cower in fright, or watch violent clashes between cultures on the nightly news.  And we arm ourselves against the invasion. 
If Coca Cola is going to be politically correct and sing Kumbaya while hoping that we who are outside that closed executive neighborhood of yours enjoy a cold refreshing Coke and smile at your distinctly anti-American silly song, you’re badly mistaken.  You’re going to watch your sales plummet.  You’re going to watch others show real patriotism, like Anheuser Busch, and applaud the way they show appreciation to our soldiers who are killing the relatives of those Muslims in Detroit and Patterson who would spit on you, or worse, if you went to their neighborhoods.  And I’ll be at those Independence Day parades, applauding our troops and those who know the real America the way it is supposed to be and was before liberals took over and convoluted and ignored our laws, spat on our Constitution, and ruined our America . 
I’m through supporting companies that support our enemies.  Bye-bye, Coke.  It used to be America ’s drink.  Now your company is America ’s poison. 
Barbara Gilbert
Wife of a retired American military officer
Mother of  2 American military veterans
Grandmother of  3, or maybe 4 future military veterans, because they will be taught to serve a real America, for Americans.  All our grandchildren will be taught who the real friends of America really are, as we enjoy an ice cold cola from Grandma’s pretty red SodaStream machine from Israel ..   (At least they’ll know who their real friends are.)
Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial…


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The people who share these need to visit Sweeney Todd's barber shop without their family. (for those who don't get it, Sweeney Todd doesn't kill people if they bring their family.)

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