Fwd: FW: More "fun with Obama"


charlie said...

It's astonishing to see how poorly informed people on the Right are.

The ACA wasn't perfect, but it covered preexisting conditions and eliminated lifetime caps. It also kept costs down.

That's all on the way out now. Gonna be fun when RWD gets cancer and finds out his insurer is dropping him because he failed to tell them that he had his tonsils out when he was a child. "Sorry - undisclosed preexisting condition. We're dropping you."

Used to happen all the time before the ACA. It will happen again if Trump gets his way.


Mr_Creosote said...

Why do I get the idea that for these "jokes" to be funny, one has to be 10 years old or less? The childishness and blatantly contrived "logic" would be an insult to a cretin. Then there's the really bad photoshop jobs.

But I digress: These aren't meant to sway the well read, they're aimed at an already receptive audience. In turn, if you don't laugh....you're not a team player. much the way the classroom cut-up who thinks he's so popular that people will give him laughs no matter what he says.

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