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What "Cool" really is!
Classy People From The Past Who Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means!
6 time Golden Globe winner Paul Newman boating in Venice during a film festival (1963)

Children of Chicago (1941)

The gorgeous necklines of the 1950s

Audrey Hepburn at a premiere on September 14, 1953.
A young Harrison Ford

A young boy stealing the show, back when middle school kids knew how to dance (1950)

Clint Eastwood with actresses Olive Sturgess and Dani Crayne in San Francisco, 1954
The original way to 'text' in Class (1944)

A gang of greasers in NYC, 1950

Caroline Kennedy walks ahead while her father, the most powerful man in the world, carries her doll. (1960)
Teenagers and their first car (1950s)

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his cabinet - 1968. These men knew how to wear a suit.
Sophia Loren, one of the only actresses to win an Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe awards.

A famous quote of hers: "Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got."
Ellen O'Neal, the greatest woman freestyle skateboarder in the 1970s.
A man ice skating in a suit (1937)

This is how teenagers dated in the 1950s
High school fashion feature in Life Magazine (1969)
Frank Sinatra stepping out of a helicopter with a drink
Dean Martin & Angie Dickinson on the set of Rio Bravo, 1959
Girl with typewriter and a smoke

A stylish couple in the rain in London (1963)
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the horse races (1968)
Muhammad Ali looking dapper

Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger sit opposite each other on a train to Bangor . (1967)

A salesman has his motorized roller skates refueled at a gas station (1961)

A young Michael Caine in 1959

Girl on a scooter (1969)

Ernest Hemingway's striking passport photo (1923)
The definition of old school cool. Cary Grant in the 1950s
The people we aspired to be decades ago were much different than the celebrities young people look up to today. The values of our past have nearly vanished, but I'm hoping that if everyone sees this, they might think differently about what "cool" was yesterday and what is considered "cool" today. . .  really isn't.
Share and remind everyone what "cool" used to be like!


pickum said...

I remember an interview CBS News did with a guy who had worked at an Atlantic City Hotel for decades before the interview. It was done in the 1980s, and the guy was complaining that people would go into the hotel to eat dressed in t shirts and shorts, and he would prefer that they have the grace to wear suits and ties. Formality in clothing declined between the 1960s and the 1980s. But "values" based on who people admired? Show me some public surveys from the 1940s of who was admired, and why they were admired, before talking about a decline in values,

Mr_Creosote said...

Nice and interesting photos, at least from a historical Shorpy-ish perspective, but I gotta' ask the bitterly nostalgic RWD a question:

Would it not occur to you that while you admire the era these photos represent, wouldn't RWD's own parents and grandparents probably said the exact same thing as they wish wistfully for a time long before these photos depict?

Or does RWD think he possesses a "generational exceptionalism" of sorts? That HIS tastes are immune from generational vicissitudes?

Talk about full of themselves!

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