Fwd: YUP


charlie said...

A string of non sequiturs. I'll add this, though - when the Civil War comes again, the Right will be responsible, and you can bet everything yo own that they'll blame the Left for the violence.

delagar said...

One side marches around with Nazi flags and shouts about how many guns they have, and has tantrums over the fact that living in nation rules by laws -- not guns and bibles -- means their fellow citizens have equal rights under those laws.

Then that side, clutching their bibles, their guns, and their ignorance, can't understand why the rest of us shake our heads at them.

SJT said...

Wait a minute. If right wing bitching and moaning is to be believed, Obama took all their guns away. So what good are 8 trillion bullets?

delagar said...

Thatsound you hear is me snorfling in appreciation, SJT.

charlie said...


So what good are 8 trillion bullets?

They can slip them into the meals of liberals and hope that they'll die from lead poisoning, I guess.

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