Fwd: Fw: 911..What's your emergency?


delagar said...

RWD likes to pretend it is Liberals who are the little fainting snowflakes.

The obverse is true, of course. It is RWD and his friends who fall into shrieking tantrums if a black person or a woman or a progressive dares to suggest that the world is not the way RWD believes it is -- a perfect utopia filled with benevolent white men who always treat everyone fairly, and always have.

charlie said...

I've never figured out why it's so important to people that we erect statues to the losers of a war.

We defeated the Nazis and Imperial Japan during World War II. Where are the statues honoring Hitler and Hirohito?

delagar said...

Well, because -- of course -- the statues to the Confederate losers are not to "honor our brave soldiers." They are meant to remind the black citizens of the Southern states that White Nationalism is the law of the land, and always will be (at least if RWD Dad has anything to say about it).

Thus the tantrums and meltdowns when those statues are removed.

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