delagar said...

Brought to you from RWD, who melts into a tantrum when people don't wear JUST the right sort of flag pin or EXACTLY the right color of suit. <>

Anonymouse said...

Meanwhile, hand-wringing Liberals continue to whine.

delagar said...

"Whine" is what RWD calls protesting, registering voters, marching, filling up townhalls, calling our reps, and otherwise doing our jobs as citizens when our government is incompetent and corrupt.

Remember this idea, RWD? Governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed. Does that sound at all familiar?

"The governed" would be us, the liberals, just as much as it is you.

We do not consent to what your corrupt and incompetent regime is doing to this country, and so we have a duty, as citizens, to do everything legally in our power to stop your corrupt and incompetent leader from accomplishing his aims.

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