FWD: Think about it.

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Date: April 19, 2016 at 11:10:41
Subject: Think about it.

Subject: Think about it.


CharlieE said...

That one guy who doesn't live off the government is spending millions of dollars for the opportunity to live off the government.

SFTC CHUMP said...

And the one you talk of, made use of the government granting bankruptcy, eminent domain and the tax benefits of real estate development

ferschitz said...

The one who allegedly doesn't use the government uses it constantly: he drives on roads built by taxes, he drinks and uses safe water provided by taxes, he enjoys many benefits from tax loopholes and tax incentives to run his business empire, if he needs help from the fire dept and/or PD, he gets that bc of taxes, and so forth.

This is the kind of bullshit fallacy that RWD is fed constantly. Everyone in the USA "uses" the government. Frankly, big corporations get the biggest benefit from tax incentives, tax loopholes and all the rest of it. And that is Donald Trump in a nutshell.

What a load of hogwash. Typical lying propaganda.

Mike Hawk said...

This is bullshit....that's Trump's OLD piece of shit plane (Boeing 727).

He now has a Boeing 757....


Get with the program...RWD!!!!!!


Mike Hawk

gruaud said...

Working for the government isn't the same as living off the government. What RWD is trying to do here is to imply that government workers are parasites.

RWD hates government because regulated industries hate the government, and they have the biggest microphone.

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