FW: 5500,000,000 years of North American history

Watch this and then tell me that global warming is caused by mankind.

Subject: 5500,000,000 years of North American history


CharlieE said...

Done. Now I'm telling you: Global warming is cause by mankind.

In 1850, the world's population was 1 billion. It's 7 billion now. That means there's roughly a trillion pounds of 98.6° mass here that wasn't here before.

Those people have also replaced grass with asphalt roads, roofs and parking lots, and have built factories, power plants, and put millions of CO2-emitting cars on the roads.

Why wouldn't this cause the Earth grow warmer?

Honestly, some things are so freaking obvious you don't need charts to prove them.

Agent86 said...

oh FFS....*facepalm*. Yes climates always change over millions of years, no one is debating that. The debate is whether the last 100 years or so of heavy human industry and various carbonic byproducts of fossil fuels etc are contributory to an upset in the balance of natural cycles. The evidence seems to support that case but RWD can't stop harping on the one or two climatologists who are paid shills for big oil to take their position and claim it's all a hoax for $$$ and more gubment control.

I still say George Carlin says it best: "The planet is fine, the people are fucked"


ferschitz said...

Proving once again that RWD enjoys living with his head firmly planted up his ass, whilst nodding furiously to all of that Rush/Fox propaganda. Must be damned uncomfortable to live that way. No wonder RWD is such a boring cranky git.

gruaud said...

You disregard the very real threat of Climate Change at all our peril.

Not that you fucking idiots ever would or could do anything about it. You just do as you're told, like always.

We need to lean on the real culprits - the fossil fuel corporations. Too bad it takes the Catholic pope to be the one actual leader to step up and confront this.

Hooray4US said...

"5500,000,000 years of North American history"

1. Hmmm... never saw that number before. Wonder how you read it out? No wonder RWD is confused.

2. I thought all these Christians believe that the earth was only 6000 years old or something?? So is RWD now disputing this Bible Truth? Or is RWD cherry picking the Bible "facts" that he wants to listen to at this moment in time... only to flip back to believing some other Bible "fact" that contradicts it within in the next minute because some bimbo on Fox Said So!

3. Inquiring minds need to know if this only about North America or does it apply to the whole planet? Because if RWD thinks it's only about North America, then that might explain some of his ignorance about how climate change/global warming actually works.

IOW: just another RWD super dumbass day.

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