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Ya              got to love Texas, and Texans, and even Texas politicians.               This ad is too funny!  It must have worked - he got              re-elected!

Roger Williams is the              former Secretary of State in Texas under Governor Rick Perry. In              that position he was the state’s director of elections.

He              won the 25th Congressional District in 2012 and was just              re-elected.

The district is in South Central Texas and              includes a  portion of Austin, the citadel of Liberalism in              Texas. Those folks must be beyond themselves over his re- election,              because he is a staunch conservative.

Here is one of his              campaign ads;



Anonymous said...

The district is in South Central Texas and includes a portion of Austin, the citadel of Liberalism in Texas. Those folks must be beyond themselves over his re- election, because he is a staunch conservative.

Looking at the congressional map of Texas it's pretty obvious Austin is gerrymandered within an inch of its life. It's liberal base is divided up over several majority republican districts in a pretty obvious attempt to dilute their power.

gruaud said...

Exactly. The 2011 redistricting was an attempt to neutralize Austin, because a representative democracy is just plain silly.

Lawsuits are pending.

CharlieE said...

If I remember correctly, Austin has been gerrymandered in such a way that there are SIX members of Congress who represent at least part of the city limits. Five of them are Republicans.

You gotta hand it to the Republicans; they're really good at gerrymandering.

Schitzengiggles said...

Pretty good breakdown


ferschitz said...

Duly noted: rightwing think tank playing pit the alleged "rivals" against one another. The dog forbid we consider such an outrageous notion as - oh noes!! - working together to accomplish good things for all concerned.

Also duly noted that rightwing think tank pushes typical notion of us v them, and "gotcha!" politics, which is just more worthless, stupid, distraction.

This can be reduced to: nanny nanny boo boo our "team" beat yours!

Ok. Now what? What solutions are is your "team" going to work towards?

Or have you bought into the notion that it doesn't matter what happens after that - just look at the useless US congress now "led" by the R-Team - just that YOU WON!!!111!!!


Anonymous said...

ferschitz - When do yoy plan on retiring with all your ha-rdearned money to another country with a government/politics more to your liking? Geez man, I do believe you've got just about EVERYTHING figured out, my man.

A true sage....an oracle.

Schitzengiggles said...

Ah the troll is back with no real input other than the standard ad hominem laced with sarcasm. Maybe this could become a game: "What Debate Fallacy is the RW Troll Using Today?

Although in his/her case it would be more accurate to call it a "Phallusy".

ferschitz said...

TrollAnon - your attacking comment is just like the rightwing think tank who pushes out this us v. them junk. Thanks for revealing who you are. Who's paying you to troll here?

Shoo shooo go away trollio.

If you wish to engage in productive discussions, then let's do that. Sticks and stones may break my bones but your boring words are meaningless.

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