Fwd: Jesse Jackson's Newest Staff Member it's funny in a sad way

Subject: Fwd: Jesse Jackson's Newest Staff Member it's funny in a sad way

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Date: Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 10:18 AM
Subject: Jesse Jackson's Newest Staff Member it's funny in a sad way

You can't make up stuff better than this!   Isn't politics grand?
Jesse Jackson's Newest Staff Member

Jesse Jackson has added former Chicago Democrat Congressman Mel to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's payroll.  Reynolds was among the 176 criminals excused in President Clinton's  last-minute forgiveness spree.  Reynolds received a commutation of his six-and-a-half-year  federal sentence for 15 convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud, and lies to the Federal Election Commission.  He is more notorious, however, for concurrently serving  five years for sleeping with an underage campaign volunteer.
  This is a first in American politics: An ex-congressman who had sex with a subordinate....won clemency from a president who had sex with a subordinate...then was hired by a clergyman who had sex with a  subordinate!
His new job? Ready for this??


CONFIRMED  BY: http://www.snopes.com/politics/sexuality/reynolds.asp


Anonymous said...

Confirmed by Snopes? Ha ha ha. The source says: "(Reynolds' position would be more accurately characterized as that of an advisor on prison reform rather than a "Youth counselor," however.)" can these teabag freaks even READ?

And what do they have to say about their favorite "god, guns, and rock and roll" macho man Ted Nugent sleeping with a 17 year old girl? Or the mostly white (!!) Catholic priests who molest children and get away with it? Or Newt Gingrich having four marriages and having cheated on at least one wife?

gruaud said...

Well, this is mostly true. It's also news that's over 10 years old. The reason this entered into circulation was likely because of the Illinois 2nd Congressional District Special Election of 2013, where Reynolds was soundly thrashed by Robin Kelly. Reynolds got 0.8% of the vote, Kelly got 52%.

So the takeaway here is that the Democrats tend to reject unsound or unethical candidates.

And, as anon correctly points out, sexual peccadillos by Republican lawmakers are ignored or even embraced by the faithful.

fetschitz said...

Newt Gingrich has been proven to have cheated on everyone of his wives, all of whom he left for a younger woman. But hey: IOKIYAR. I might add, that Gingrich dumped his first wife literally as she was coming out from under anesthesia from breast cancer surgery, yet nonetheless, Republicans considered Gingrich a credible candidate for Pres in the 2012 election.


We could easily develop a long and continuing list of Republican politicians and/or officials who've been busted for cheating on their wives and/or having/soliciting sex with minors. Former Gov Mark Sanford left his duties as Gov of SC without telling anyone that he going to South America to do the hokey pokey with his hottie Mistress, and when contacted LIED and said he was "hiking on the Appalacian Trail." Yet SC Voters duly elected him to the US House of Representatives.


I could go on & on. You get the picture. Hypocrits.

Let he who has not sinned yadda yadda...

Sid said...

Jackson, Sharpton, Rangel..they're all SHYSTERS!

And everyone knows it.

How's Jackson Jr doing in the pen? Daddy Jackson taking care of him?

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