Fw: Fwd: What Government Shut Down Should Look Like

On Wednesday, December 11, 2013 11:11 AM, _____ wrote:


Anonymous said...

This poor Photoshop proves to me that the left has all the creative types. I can't believe they pasted Beau's head on that dog...
Ripple eh? A racist nod perhaps?

ferschitz said...

Crappy photoshop aside, is this what rightwing conservatives also want if a "Republican" is "elected" President??? No? Didn't think so.

BTW, I just have to ask: why does photoshop Beau have clothes pins on its head?? WTF?

gruaud said...

They don't even make Ripple anymore, you goddamned Klansman.

Anonymous said...

Throw this on the stack of proof Republicans don't realize the Obamas are already rich and won't be on the street regardless of whether they hold office.

Hooray4US said...

Ripple! Geez, I haven't thought about that since my mis-spent youth. It hasn't been made in over 30 years, so whomever made this dopey photoshop is showing their age + racism. It used to be popular on college campuses back in the day because it was inexpensive & strong.

I think Fred Sanford used to drink it on his show.

If the Obamas found some Ripple to drink today, I would estimate that it would actually be quite expensive to buy it.

So, Humor Fail, per usual.

I don't know why the dog has clothes pins on his head. Is it to show that Beau's face was poorly photoshoped on top whatever that other dog is? Rather an odd touch, but most of those who, uh, create these things must be odd creations, themselves.

Schitzengiggles said...


Ah yes, Fred Sanford was fond of Ripple. In one episode he mixed it with Champagne and made Champipple.

I was curious and looked on eBay...no joy so you probably can't find it at all and if you do you are probably correct and it's very expensive and probably tastes like shit if one were so inclined to try and drink it.

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