FW: Here Ya Go, Just What We've Been Waiting On....

Subject: FW: Here Ya Go, Just What We've Been Waiting On....


CharlieE said...

While the official "list" isn't out, I'd say that banning the weapons listed on that site represent a good start.

Sorry, RWD, but you get no sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

Agreed; the list is a good start. I say guns should be restricted to what the founders envisioned: muskets.

LiberalGunner said...

Banning a gun based on appearance is stupid. Does something need to change? Yes. I have no problem with national permits, close the gunshow loophole or let people run a 48hr background check so they can use it for private sales. No sale without it. Magazine limits? I think 10 is okay. Any preexisisting magazines can not be transferred without background check. Ammo purchase must have national ID and then scanned after x amount of rounds a declaration statement needs to be filled out.
Just some ideas from a liberal gun owner

gruaud said...

LG makes some good points.

Buying a gun (NOT an assault rifle) should have the same oversight as buying an automobile.

Training classes
Title at point of sale
Regular renewal and inspection

And to that I'd add a background check.

And this concept enrages and terrifies gun-nuts.


Gun fetishists: your priorities as human beings SUCK.

Anonymous said...

You already have to go through a background check (Google NICS) when you purchase from an FFL but not for private purchases. NICS is supposed to have access to mental health records but as in most cases it's dependent on the states to report. FFLs have to do background checks even at gun shows. The loophole is with unlicensed dealers. The problem with the CT shootings, as well as Columbine is that the parents purchased the weapons and therefore so long as their records were clean, no issue. If the argument then becomes that everyone in a household has to pass muster before ANY person in the household can obtain a firearm, I would submit that is impossible to implement and enforce.

That being said, I tend to agree with LG, some things makes sense and probably should be implemented but for the reasons of it makes sense and not for the belief that it stops these sort of tragedies. As I mentioned, IMO even implementing these sorts of controls would not have stopped Sandy Hook because it was the parent purchasing the weapons legally. The issue was the access the son had to the unsecured weapons.

ferschitz said...

One thing's for sure: nothing will change.

The 1% don't give a shit about how many 99% moochers get massacred in gun violence. In fact the greedy 1% rubs their grubby paws with glee when citizens are shot down in cold blood.

Why not? After all, here we see proof of the Gun Industry reliably ginning up the rubes to rush out and BUY MOAR GUNZ! STAT!


I realize that there are careful, ethical, thoughtful gun owners in this nation, but... any suggestions to even marginally improve gun regulations will not ever happen.

So-called insanely "liberal" CA Sen Barbara Boxer is calling for Armed Guards in ALL Schools. So there you go. Get ready to pay for that... with no evidence that indicates it'll make a difference. Remember Columbine?

gruaud said...

Great points, anon. And, like ferschitz mentions, even though a more regulated system will still fail do to a seriously determined killer, it would still be a vast improvement over the slaughter we have been experiencing for decades.

Anonymous said...

gruaud and feshitz, I agree that sensible things need to be done but again as long as it makes sense, is Constitional and not as a knee-jerk reaction thinking it will stop these sorts of things. Maybe plain-clothes school security would be good jobs for returning military folks, regardless of what legislation occurs. They at least have the training necessary rather than arming teachers who may or may not do the deed if it comes right down to it. I also don't have an issue with assault rifles being more tightly controlled but once that's started, what's next? I personally have a 9mm that I practice with regularly and have it solely for sport shooting and if necessary home protection. This particular one is a 15+1 but capacity is not why I purchased it. That being said would something like that be next on the "hit list" simply because of it's capacity? The reality is that it can spray bullets just as fast as an AR15 so why not. I'm 51 and I've been around guns and using them since I was 10. I was taught proper use and respect and today I keep mine secured. The secured part was unless I'm mistaken something sorely lacking in the instances of Columbine and Sandy Hook.

There is no easy answer but hopefully cooler heads will prevail in the end and sensible things will take place. Right now people are calling for either all out bans or arming people to the teeth or blaming Hollywood and video games. I guess blaming rock and roll is so 70s.

Anonymous said...

That being said would something like that be next on the "hit list" simply because of it's capacity?

California restricts the magazine capacity of many semiautomatics to 10 bullets specifically to try to help defuse situations like this, but even Feinstein's bill would reportedly grandfather in any already purchased weapons.

Maybe plain-clothes school security would be good jobs for returning military folks, regardless of what legislation occurs.

As ferschitz alluded to, unfortunately, even Columbine had an armed guard during its shooting. He may have helped alert police and get backup there faster, but the fact that he (and the next cop to respond) were armed did not stop the killers.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Why does every incident which would give normal we'll-adjusted people a reason to reflect on their and their party's beliefs, always cause MRWD and friends to get more extreme? Almost every angry RWD I've heard from lately now wants to carry a weapon all the time, at the office,in the mall, to parent-teacher conferences, etc. these are always the kind of angry people who would probably pull their gun during an argument. I think it's time for th DSM to recognize lack of knowledge about oneself as a mental illness which leads to massive stupidity and is a danger to civilization.

Anonymous said...

695 since sandy hook and counting


gruaud said...

Still too soon, the gun nuts tell me.

What will it take?

A thousand more deaths?

A hundred thousand?

A million?

Or never?

I'm guessing never, so saner heads need to prevail in this debacle. Biden's been making some noise -- keep it up, Joe. You can't argue with lunatics but you can shine a spotlight on them and initiate a dialogue with the rational folks.

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