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This article was in letters to the editor of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.  I don’t think Mr. Volinchak will mind if we share his sentiments.  I couldn’t have said it better myself. 


Anonymous said...

That's the great thing about Calvinball, you can never lose.

Funny, when W won with a worse margin conservatives claimed he "had a mandate". I wonder if this guy would still think this about majorities if Romney had won. Also, isn't "majority rule" pretty much whiny wingnut commandment #1? ie "The 'majority' of this country calls themselves Christian, therefore we are a Christian nation and every town square should have a nativity scene erected with public monies?"

And compromise? Who ever heard of democratic society requiring compromise? Since when does the clear minority have to compromise with the clear majority in government based on elections and consensus building?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is the same "Tommy": http://www.memphisflyer.com/CityBeat/archives/2009/05/14/tommy-the-terrible

Sounds like an asshole. A proud asshole who isn't afraid to out himself as an asshole in the newspaper.

CharlieE said...

spending money one does not have is immoral

I love it when Republicans make comments like that. It's as though they live in some alternate universe where Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 42 and Obama-era obstructionism don't exist.

After all, if we had a balanced budget amendment and the Republicans were in charge, the country would implode.

gruaud said...

Self-determination, God, and hard work are not conservative values. You just think they are. Liberals defend freedom of religion, believe people want to climb out of poverty but may need help, and the party of labor busts ass, and while not raking in millions while making sweetheart deals at the country club.

You fucking idiot.

Higher taxes on the 1% is a good thing. They are the lowest since the Gilded Age and look how fucked up things are for the rest of us.

Helping people is a good thing.

A strong government is a good thing.

What the 1% wants is cheap labor. That's all they care about. Cheap labor helps their bottom line at your expense. Why do you think we think you're so fucking stupid, you cheap-labor dumbass dirt-poor contards?? We're not elitists, we just want to get paid what we're worth. You apparently want to be serfs.

So glad the GOP is self-imploding. Never, EVER compromise, please. You only help the good guys.

Hint: and that ain't you.

Anonymous said...

As per the link above by another Anon, it looks like the majority of the people in this guys town think he is an asshole. Maybe he should pay more attention, to majorities. Apparently the majority claiming he is an asshole needs to comprise with him and they can just move him down to being a dick...

Anonymous said...

This guy's writing is as full of trite analogies as bees in a hive.

People think Obama finally not triangulating toward whatever Republicans insist on is liberal? That's as loopy as a bow on a Christmas gift.

And minimal government and low taxes are a seed that built America? Even though our greatest economic expansion was during the period of highest taxes and biggest government? That's as backwards as a cart pulling a horse.

ferschitz said...

If conservatives "value self-determination" so damn much, then whyohwhy are they so friggin' opposed to anyone's else's definition of self-determination except their own?

Rhetorical question, but funny how THAT works.

Help, help I'm being demoralized by free cell phones! /s

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