FW: Transparent???

Subject: FW: Transparent???

Subject: Transparent???


Anonymous said...

Some people shouldn't be allowed to use photoshop.

College application? Really? Do you think anyone's college application still exists after 30+ years?

CharlieE said...

His birth certificate has been made publicly available on more than one occasion. Reporters were actually permitted to touch it.

His college records are sealed? So were those of George W. Bush. So what?

The details of the Affordable Care Act are publicly available.

Fast and Furious was a Bush-era program. Talk to him about it.

ferschitz said...



As many know, I have issues with Obama, myself, but it's tedious and moronic of witless gullible rightwing rubes to fall for such egregious nonsense that Obama "never attended Columbia," as if it's the "holy grail" of proving something or other.

One of my gym rat pals went on & on & on & on about this just recently. I told him to look it up and find "more rational arguments" for hating on Obama.

Seriously! There's lots to get upset about. Too bad, though, that the things I dislike about Obama are exactly the same programs that so-called "Republicans" want, such as cutting Soc Sec & Medicare, for starters.

Who gives a fack if some Columbia alums "don't remember" Obama. Do YOU remember ALL of the students from your class in high school or college?? Doubt it. Does that mean that someone that YOU don't remember didn't go to your college? Buy a clue.

Dullards. Easily misled.

gruaud said...

"Accuses Romney of not being transparent"

Well, he isn't.

Why is that ok with the conservatives in the 99%?

You think you'll be part of the billionaire boys club and get a secret decoder ring in the mail?

Urs said...

I've got mugs with Obama's birth certificate on them - I bought 4 of them, so I could give them to friends and family too. I'd love to send a couple of them to co-workers, anonymously, but I don't want people's heads to explode.

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