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My bucket list..


Anonymous said...

So... you're dying? When? After you go we'll no longer have to listen to your whiny, ignorant crap.

So when were you planning to kick the bucket again? Soon?

Anonymous said...

They forgot "get off my lawn!"

And I don't think Mitt Romney wants God back in America. He thinks God is perfectly happy on his home planet of Kolob.

gruaud said...

Rookie? He's been president for far longer than Mittens.

Liar? Doesn't the fact that Mitt and Ryan lie CONSTANTLY bother you even a little bit?

Anonymous said...

"We've had a run of bad luck," really? And it started with the guy who took office AFTER the economy collapsed?

I mean, maybe you and I have really different priorities, but I'd say the deliberate destruction of the economy, which started long before Obama, is more important than whether or not everyone speaks English.

Anonymous said...

1.) Just wait four more years
2.) Here you go: AmerGODica!!!
3.) Borders went out of business last year, so that one's covered.
4.) We sent Tom Delay to jail, so that's a start.
5.) Wouldn't it be better to wish that more native English speakers in this country could write and speak it correctly?
6.) Not really sure what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have to do with culture.
7.) Most people on welfare can't afford drugs, so that's pretty much solved.
8.) Freebies? Like being freely harassed by the police?
9.) Well, you probably came when you finished writing this list, but I'm not sure about the rest of this.

ferschitz said...

Here's my list:

1. Obama & RMoney: GONE! (replaced with an able leader who works for the benefit of the 99%, not the 1%, as both Obama & RMoney do.)
2. Separation of church & state as the founding fathers wanted it.
3. Improved immigation standards, which includes way more consequences for businesses that deliberately hire illegals to do crummy work in dangerous conditions for lousy pay. BTW: the migration of most Central American illegals has been south of the border lately.
4. I can go for Congress obeying its own laws. Agree, esp in terms of insider trading and other payola scams.
5. I prefer that citizens be bi and tri lingual. Let's face the "new normal." Languages that make sense to learn: Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, or pick another that suits you.
6. A culture of community where citizens realize that we are all inter-dependent and need to work together towards common goals... like we used to. See: WWII for an example, since you geriatrics at least pretend that you're so enamoured with the Greatest Generatiion.
7. Public Option for health care, and let's stop this ridiculous War on Drugs, which mainly inures to the benefit of BigPharma. Legalize marijuana, and let's tax it up the yin-yang and make money that goes legally into our coffers, rather than funding the CIA.
8. Curtail the use of H1-B visas so that foreigners are not given preference over US citizens for jobs bc the foreigners are cheaper to hire. Also curtail the 1% from off-shoring jobs to foreign countries through the use of appropriate regulations.
9. If you feel like having sexytime, make sure it's with a consenting adult. No more pandering to the pederast priets in RC "Church."
10. Raise the tax rates to those under Clinton.
11. Improve banking regulations back to Glass-Steagle.

Only about 20% of the populace will be able to read this with good comprehension, which is unfortunate. Our society is complex, and our population is large and varied. Unfortunately, a small but highly pandered to segment of our society has been manipulated by their churches, rightwing hate media, and some politicians into believing that their selfish self-absorption entitles them to demand that everyone dance to their tune and do things "their way" (which, as you can see by reading this ridiculous "bucket list" really makes no sense).

Maybe conservatives can more construtively amuse themselves by yelling at empty chairs? That'll be about as effective as sending on this idiotic RWF, and perhaps it will be more personally satisfying.

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