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Be sure and watch both videos. Click the blue box at the top of screen when first video finishes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Original and edgy stuff. I think famous art critic Stephen Colbert already did a review on this budding Picasso. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/414028/may-09-2012/jon-mcnaughton-s--nation-under-socialism--artwork

ferschitz said...

Thanks, Anon. Recommend everyone watch Colbert; it's hilarious.

John McNaughton *may* be the only "painter" (meaning: he uses paint brushes to smear paint on a canvas) to make Thomas Kinkaid's - cough cough - "art work" look, uh, sort of "good". Phew! It's hard to even go that far...

However, John McNaughton has cleverly positioned himself to rip off the rubes with his, uh, "paint smears," so good for McNaughton. He's figured out how to use his "talents" to ride the wingnut gravy train. CHA-CHING.

Maybe some hack in a rightwing think tank is McNaughton's relative, and that's why he got some free PR??

gruaud said...

Great link, thx anon.

Why are our best political commentators comedians?

It's like we've gone back to the feudal age when the smartest people in the room were the jesters.

Oh, irony, how sharp is thy sting.

Hooray4US said...

Colbert in fine form, of course. McNaugton is well-known for his crappy, but sucking up to the religious right, not-art.

Colbert captures it well with this one line (paraphrasing): "The founding fathers are saying: Who gave that Slave a Suit to Wear?"

Too right. Bigotry on parade in McNaugton's shitty oeuvre (or should I call it "odure"??).

I also like Colbert's expostulation about "Mr. Hollywood." rotflol!

I guess I can be somewhat "grateful" to the RW think tank that shat this monkey poo out bc it got me to watch yet another home run hit by the inestimable Stephen Colbert!

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