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So...  who are the stupid ones? 


Anonymous said...

So... who are the stupid ones?

The ones who actually believe all the lies in this paragraph.

gruaud said...

here's how stupid he is:

1. Saved the banks
2. Brought the stock market from 6,500K to 13,000K
3. Saved GM
4. Repealed DADT
5. Ordered a Mini Dream Act
6. Created 4.3 million jobs
7. 27- straight months of private-sector job growth
8. Passed Healthcare
9. Ended the war in Iraq
10. Drawing down from Afghanistan
11. Doubled the Number of Border Security Agents
12. Appointed First Hispanic Justice
13. Restored America’s Standing in the world
14. Dealt effectively with the BP Oil Spill
15. Dealt effectively with the Pirate Crisis
16. Dealt effectively with H1N1
17. Kept America Safe
18. Passed Financial Reform
19. Passed a Credit-Card Bill of Rights
20. Passed Equal Pay for Women
21. Nearly Wiped out Al Qaeda
22. Killed OBL
23. Added Eight-yeas of solvency to Medicare
24. Quit smoking
25. And got a dog

hat tip to joelgp

ferschitz said...

Speaking for myself, I do agree with some points in this screed, esp the one about killing innocents with drones. Gruaud provides a different list, with which I mostly agree but not on all points.

Still I have to give this RWF a "prop" for actually trafficing a bit more closely with that little something called "reality." And it's not strictly all about that "N" word in the White House, so props for that, too.

My question, though, to conservatives is HOW, exactly, do they think RMoney will be/do in re to these points (in the RWF), esp in re to seriously high unemployement (which Clint Eastwood made the keynote theme of his "talk" at the RNC last week)?

I found Eastwood's talk interesting, but I seriously don't get how Clint thinks RMoney's going to do a "better job" in terms of the high unemployment in the USA. Knock, knock, yoo hoo, Clint, but RMoney's been largely *responsible* for contributing to high unemployment in the USA by leveraging businesses into failure, firing tons of honest workers, and then whistling off to the nearest off-shore bank with his pirate booty.

And btw, so-called ObamaCare is nothing more that RMoneyCare that was enacted in MA under Governor Bishop Willard, so, er, how's Willard going to "fix" the so-called ruinuous health care enacted under Obama??? Since it's what RMoney enacted, too?

Wake up, sheeples....

Anonymous said...

ferschitz: That was my objection with Artur Davis, too. You say you voted for Obama because you were blinded by the promise of hope and change? And you're disappointed in him now? Then how is jumping ship to the Republicans going to help?

Anyway, I just wanted to point out, re: "gave guns to Mexican drug gangs," this Fortune article alleging that the whole Fast and Furious brouhaha has been a deliberate attempt to smear the ATF for trying to work within the law.

Anonymous said...

Billy the adulterer is going to be the keynote speaker to the DNC. Four years ago he said to the Kennedy clan:
Well, this is revealing…
Bill Clinton told the Kennedy clan< "A few years ago this guy would have been carrying our bags."
Sounds kinda racist, huh?
The Weekly Standard reported:

Former President Bill Clinton tried to get former senator Ted Kennedy to endorse Hillay Clinton for president in the 2008 election by describing Barack Obama this way: “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.”

This anecdote is revealed in a New Yorker article on the relationship between Bill Clinton and Obama:

Tim Russert told me that, according to his sources, Bill Clinton, in an effort to secure an endorsement for Hillary from Ted Kennedy, said to Kennedy, “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.”

Clinton is a racist!!!

Anonymous said...

Today we celebrate our labor. The American worker is among the highest producers in the world and we invent, innovate and create. We invented the Clipper Ship in a Baltimore shipyard. Henry Ford's assembly line could produce a Model T in 93 minutes. We invented the personal computer in a California garage. Our labor is the wealth of nation. Next year we will work until April 17th to pay the fruits of our labor to local, state and federal governments. In 1900 5.6% of our produced wealth went to government. Today we pay 29.2% to government and tomorrow ObamaCare will exact 21 new taxes from us. Today we rest from, yes, Mr. Obama, what we have built with our own hands, hearts and labor.

Anonymous said...

We're 42 months into Obama's term. Yes, things have turned around, but unemployment is still at 8.3%. My question is "what's taking so long?" The Democrats had both houses for the first two years of Obama's term. So why aren't all those great policies he implemented improving things at a more rapid pace?

Of course, the other excuse we've heard is that this was an economic decline more severe than any we've seen since the Great Depression. Ok, that might be true. But research from the Cleveland Fed shows that in almost every instance in the past 150 years, the severity of the decline is matched by the robustness of the recovery. In other words, mild recessions have mild recoveries, but severe recessions are followed by rapid and strong recoveries.


Even the White House assumed that economic growth would pick up in a relatively short amount of time. In 2009, they assumed 4.3% GDP growth for FY 2011, FY 2012, and FY 2013.

In fact, the White House's Feb 2009 Economic Projections and the Budget Outlook stated "it is very likely that this recession, which appears to be on track to be more severe than average, will be followed by a period when growth is well above its usual level."

Our present situation is an outlier -- a rare occurrence that hasn't followed the usual pattern. Well, you say, this time is different because the banking system nearly collapsed. Nope, the Cleveland Fed research considered that. Well, it's different because the real estate market collapsed. Nope, they considered that, too.

That leaves Obama's policies. He decided to spend all his political capital ramming through Obamacare, which most Americans didn't even want. Instead of implementing tax reform, he championed a bunch of temporary and gimmicky tax credits like Cash for Clunkers and the first time home buyers credit, neither of which had any real effect beyond pulling existing demand forward a few quarters. He extended unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks, which acts as a disincentive for people to look for work. How about the "Recovery Summer" of 2010? It resulted in higher unemployment and lower economic growth.

Obama has mismanaged the natural course of the recovery. Look at the output gap (difference between where GDP should be versus where it actually is):


The fact is there are millions of Americans who are not better off now than they were 4 years ago.

ferschitz said...

I mostly am in agreement with what the prior Anon says in the post, just above. However, I get back to my original question: in what way, really, will Mitt Romney be any better?

Seriously. I'd love an answer. I had a rather lengthy "discussion" on this blog post some time ago consistently asking for an example of JUST ONE job that Romney "created" with all of his vast business acument and experience. I never ever got a credible answer.

There's loads of things to point fingers of blame at Obama for how lousy the recovery has been, and how poor employment figures have faired over these past 3+ years. Can't argue.

But what will the "Republicans" do that will be any better? Frankly RMoney has *promised* to cut taxes even more on the fabulously wealthy. Yeah: like that's gonna "create jobs." Dream on.

Austerity is here bc it inures to the benefit of the 1%. Be prepared for more austerity for the 99% no matter who wins in November. Count on it.

Anonymous said...


Editor of the communist publication The Spokesman
Founder of communist Chicago newspaper The Star
Card carrying Communist Party USA member # 47544
Swore an oath of loyalty to the Soviet Union
Identified as a national security threat by the FBI


Anonymous said...

When asked to grade his performance concerning the economy, President Obama gave himself an ‘incomplete’ grade.

42 – Consecutive months with (official) unemployment over 8%.

66,000 – Average number of jobs added per month since recovery started (Below level needed to keep up with population growth.)

63.7% – Labor force participation rate (30-year low.)

52% – Percentage of voters that say the nation is in worse condition.

54% – Percentage of voters that say Obama doesn’t deserve reelection based on his job performance

31% – Percentage of voters that say the nation is in better condition today than when Obama took office.

$16,000,000,000,000 – National Debt will hit $16 trillion today.

$1,311,000,000,000 – President Obama, on average, has added $1.311 trillion of debt per year.

7 – Months since Obama last met with jobs council.

100 – In that same time, Obama has held over 100 fundraisers.

1,224 – Days since the Democratic-led Senate adopted a budget resolution, on April 29, 2009.

0 – votes Obama’s budget received in the Senate and House (414-0 in the House, 99-0 in the Senate.)

Regardless of what the situation was before he got into office, does this look like it receives an ‘incomplete’ grade to you? The least he could do is show up to a jobs council meeting…

Marc with a C said...

Is that why he gutted the idea of a single-payer system, a public option, and handed out billions of taxpayer dollar to banks and Detroit in order to maintain a market-based capitalist system? What a commie! Next thing you know, he'll be calling for the abolition of capital and the establishment of worker-peasant communes in the Midwest. Die kulak!


Hooray4US said...

Off to the Gulag with you, Marc!

We can only dream that Obama had imbibed some of that thar communism stuff from this Frank Marshall Davis person. Maybe the Barackstar woulda been a better Pres. As it is, worrying about Soviet-style reds under the beds is a day late and many dollars too short.

Better luck next time, comrade.

Anonymous said...

Yes, things have turned around, but unemployment is still at 8.3%.

Its almost like we suffered the worst economic collapsed in 80 years which was compounded by the fact that we've spent the last 30+ years destroying our manufacturing base in pursuit of an extra 3 cents on this month's quarterly earnings report.

My question is "what's taking so long?"

Its hard to navigate through a patch as rough as this one. Its especially hard when the other person in the boat is rowing in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

He extended unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks, which acts as a disincentive for people to look for work.

Absolute bullshit. You know what discourages people from looking for jobs? Not having any jobs. You know what kills jobs? Stupid insistence on cutting public investment and spending, which has resulting in the shedding of millions of federal, state and local level employees.

The biggest headwind in this recovery is not the scary "Obamacare" (ask the insurance industry how they like that), nor is it "high taxes" (lowest in several generations) of the deficit (the government is basically being begged to borrow with record low interest rates). The biggest thing holding us back is that Republicans zealots have demanded that we lay off millions of workers. That's the real story: two private sector steps forward, one public sector step backwards. Simple as that.

ferschitz said...

The real "secret" to our present Austerity, which includes high unemployement, is that this is JUST what the 1% ordered. With less jobs available, citizens are more or less forced to "take what they can get."

The billionaires & zillionaires, like Mitt RMoney, LOVE it bc they can freely shaft their workers by offering less pay for the same, or more, work; less benefits; less worker saftey; etc.

This is just rightwing propoganda, folks. Pimped out with a heavy hand to make the rubes think that the so-called "Democrats" have failed the underdogs in our society.

Well, yes, the "Democrats" and Obama have failed, but I get back to my ongoing, redundant question: What - EXACTLY - will RMoney do to raise employement? And frankly, the "Rs" have had a majority in the House and the Senate is pretty closely divided. So what the eff has the Republican led Congress DONE to improve employment in this nation?

Yeah right: crickets.

Wake up sheeples... time to stop your tribalistic identity politics and realize that you're being shafted by both so-called "parties" who are beholden to the 1%. The 99% presently is being represented by no one on the federal political stage. Figure it out.

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