Subject: LOL

Davy. Jones of the 60's group "The Monkeys" died last week.
The news paper headlines read, "The Lead Monkey is dead!"

When Joe Biden read the paper, he ran around the White House yelling..........
"I'm the president, I’m the president!” ,,,,

I can only imagine his disappointment.

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CharlieE said...

This might be funny if the original sender was familiar enough with popular culture to spell the name "Monkees" correctly.

Then again, if they had, there wouldn't be a joke.

And Davey Jones has been dead for months now.

Anonymous said...

Suggest that this also be filed under racist, which it surely is.

ferschitz said...

Where's our spelling concern troll?? What about concern trolling about the utter inaccuracy over the date of Jones' death, which was Feb 29 2012 (hardly last week)? Plus how nice to use someone's demise to make a bigoted "joke." Keep it classy, conservatives!

Of course, this is racist, but a great example of rightwing "humor" FAIL.

I guess after the prior RWF, which actually had some factual info in it, the rightwing think tanks had to come up with their daily dose of racist bullshit to hype up the TeaGOPers, even though it's 5 months too late.

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