Fwd: New Christmas drink. So bad.

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Sent: Friday, November 27, 2008
Subject: New Christmas drink. So bad.
This is so bad. Please don't tell anyone I sent it.
The new Obama Christmas drink is made with watermelon juice and vodka. It's called nig nog!


Anonymous said...

You probably want to remove the e-mail addresses from the e-mail--they're visible in the links, even though they've been obscured by @ signs in the text.

On the other hand, public shaming might still be a good thing.

C.M. Gonzalez said...

I wonder if the person who wrote this heard a rimshot in their head after writing it.

Mike and Friends said...

Thanks. Removed.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be watermelon and an *actual* nog alcohol, like brandy? I mean, if you're going to make a racist joke, you might as well do it *right*.

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