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                    Can you spot the 44th President?



Anonymous said...

I found him! Hint: It's the one who's smiling.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my favorite version of this was the same image imposed with "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER".

Leopold Stotch said...

I believe this piece of art originally had more benign intentions as it's been circulating around the design blogs for a while now.
Ironic how all it takes is a new, redneck title to make it offensive.

Nicole Anell said...

Yep, Leopold Stotch. I first saw the original and "combo breaker" version from a bunch of Obama-supporting blogs and friends. I thought the artwork was adorable and it had that giddy "Yes, finally!" feeling to it.

When my own Right-Wing Dad forwarded it to me, I thought at first he was trying to be gracious and cute. I was pretty disgusted when I realized he thought of it as a racist joke.

Nicole Anell said...

(To add: It didn't even have the "new redneck title" when Dad forwarded it to me. So, stripped of all context, I guess he looked at that picture and thought the message was "LOL black man!!!" Nice.)

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