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"Hello, I really enjoy your site, it lets me know I'm not alone in receiving this crappy propaganda...Have you seen this one?" - Best Regards, Taylor

Thanks Taylor! Yes we have seen this classic 'insider' tale of life on Air Force One, however your version has the thoughtful new closer mentioning "the Woman who is currently a Candidate for President." -m

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Subject: Air Force One and it's passengers.

From a former Air Force One Pilot:

I flew 4 Presidential support missions in the C-141 out of Dover AFB, Delaware. Two for President Johnson and two for President Nixon.

Johnson was a first class jerk and on the two occasions I flew for him, if the Secret Service and their Liaison in the Pentagon hadn't intervened, we would have had to stay on the airplane for hours while he (Johnson) was off somewhere.

Nixon never required that, and on the four stops we made with him, he was cordial to the Secret Service and to me and my crew.

We had a neighbor when I lived in Washington DC, who was part of the Secret Service Presidential Detail for many years.

His stories of Kennedy and Johnson were the same as those I heard from the guys who flew the Presidents' Plane.

Yes, Kennedy did have Marilyn Monroe flown in for "Secret Dates", and LBJ was a typical Texas "Good Ole Boy" womanizer.

Nixon, Bush, and Carter never cheated on their wives. Clinton cheated on Hillary, but couldn't match Kennedy or LBJ in style or variety.

The information below is accurate: The Elder Bush and current President Bush make it a point to thank and take care of the air crews who fly them around.

When the President flies, there are several planes that also go along; one carries the armored limo, another the security detail, plus usually a press aircraft.

Both Bushes made it a point to stay home on holidays, so the Air Force and Security people could have a day with their families.

Hillary Clinton was arrogant and orally abusive to her Security Detail. She forbade her daughter, Chelsea, from exchanging pleasantries with them. Sometimes Chelsea, miffed at her Mother's obvious conceit and mean spiritedness, ignored her demands and exchanged pleasantries regardless, but never in her Mother's presence. Chelsea really was a nice, kindhearted, and lovely young lady. The consensus opinion was that Chelsea Loved her Mom, but did not like her. Hillary Clinton was continuously rude and abrasive to those who were charged to protect her life.

Her Security Detail dutifully did their job, as professionals should, but they all loathed her and wanted to be on a different Detail.

Hillary Clinton was despised by the Secret Service as a whole. Former President Bill Clinton was much more amiable than his Wife. Often the

Secret Service would cringe at the verbal attacks Hillary would use against her Husband. They were embarrassed for his sake by the manner and frequency in which she verbally insulted him, sometimes in the presence of the Secret Service, and sometimes behind closed doors. Even behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton would scream and holler so loudly that everyone could hear what she was saying. Many felt sorry for President Clinton and most wondered why he tolerated it, instead of just divorcing his "Attack Dog" Wife. It was crystal clear that the Clintons neither liked nor respected each other and this was true long before the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. Theirs was genuinely a "Marriage Of Convenience".

Chelsea was much closer to her Father than to her Mother, even after the Lewinsky Scandal, which hurt her gravely. Bill Clinton did in fact have charisma, and occasionally would smile at, or shake hands with his Security Detail. Still, he always displayed an obvious air of superiority towards them.

His Security Detail uniformly believed him to be disingenuous, false, and that he did nothing without a motive, that in some way would enhance his image and political career. He was polite, but not kind. They did not particularly like him and nobody trusted him.

Al Gore was the male version of Hillary Clinton. They were friendlier toward each other than either of them were towards Former President Clinton. They were not intimate, so please don't read that into it. They were very close in a political way.

Tipper Gore was generally nice and pleasant. She initially liked Hillary, but soon after the election, she had her "Pegged", and no longer liked her or associated with her except for events that were politically obligatory.

Al Gore was far more Left Wing than Bill Clinton. Al Gore resented Bill Clinton and thought he was too "centrist."

He despised all Republicans. His hatred was bitter and this was long before he announced for the Presidency.

This hatred was something that he and Hillary had in common. They often said as much, even in the presence of their Security Detail.

Neither of them trusted Bill Clinton and, the Secret Service opined, neither of them even liked him.

Bill Clinton did have some good qualities, whereas Al Gore and Hillary had none, in the view of their Security Details.

Al Gore, like Hillary, was very rude and arrogant toward his Security Detail. He was extremely unappreciative and would not hesitate to scold them in the presence of their peers for minor details over which they had no control.

Al Gore also looked down on them, as they finally observed, and learned with certainty on one occasion.

Al got angry at his offspring, and pointed at his Security Detail and said, "Do you want to grow up and be like them?" Word of this insult by the Former Vice-President quickly spread, and he became as disliked by the Secret Service as Hillary. Most of them Prayed that Al Gore would not be elected President, and they really did have private celebrations in a few of their homes after President Bush won the election. This was not necessarily to celebrate President Bush's election, but to celebrate Al Gore's defeat.

Everyone in the Secret Service wants to be on First Lady Laura Bush's Detail. Without exception, they concede that she is perhaps the nicest, and most kind person they have ever had the privilege of serving. Where Hillary patently refused to allow her picture to be taken with her Security Detail, Laura Bush doesn't even have to be asked, she offers. She doesn't just shake their hand and say, "Thank You". Very often, she will give members of her Detail a Kindhearted Hug to express her Appreciation. There is nothing false about her. This is her Genuine Nature. Her Security Detail considers her to be a "Breath Of Fresh Air". They joke that comparing Laura Bush with Hillary Clinton is like comparing "Mother Teresa" with the "Wicked Witch of the North".

Likewise, the Secret Service considers President Bush to be a "Gem of a Man" to work for. He always treats them with genuine respect and he always trusts and listens to their expert advice.

They really like the Crawford, Texas Detail. Every time the President goes to Crawford, he has a Bar-B-Q for his Security Detail and he helps serve their meals. He sits with them, eats with them, and talks with them. He knows each of them by their first name, and calls them by their first name as a show of affection. He always asks about their Family, the names of which he always remembers. They believe that he is deeply and genuinely appreciative of their service. They could not like, love, or respect anyone more than President Bush. Most of them did not know they would feel this way, until they had an opportunity to work for him and learn that his manner was genuine and consistent. It has never changed since he began his Presidency. He always treats them with the utmost respect, kindness, and compassion.

Please pass this on.

It is important for Americans to have a True inside understanding of their President. And also the Woman who is currently a Candidate for President.


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