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charlie said...

These are going to be fun today!

Uses ...her cell phone to pay her toddler's medical bills

That's consistent with the accusation that she hates capitalism. If we'd socialize our health care, like very other industrialized country has done, her toddler's medical bills wouldn't be ain issue.

Fear leads to big government...

[citation needed]

This concrete is never removed.

"Never" is a long time, and few, if any, wind turbines have been torn down to date.

Get back to us at the end of time and we'll see how well that "never" has held up.

You're upset about this...

Who is upset about Bugs Bunny?

Socialism....people build boats from trash to escape it...

...and they come here, to a nation that isn't Socialist. Is there a point here?

No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it.

Yep. Fortunately, the people who hate our country and who tried to suppress the vote and overthrow the government by force are now out of power.

We've saved the country...for now.

BTW - Why are there pictures of Democrats there?

Red state. Blue state. Any questions?

The first picture is from a national park. It's federal land.

Name one time in human history when the people...censuring speech and buring books were the good guys.

I can't, but then again, it's the Right that's always trying to get books removed from school curricula.

Here's one - name a single bill proposed in Congress since 1980 that was written by a Republican, sponsored by the majority of Republicans, and which was intended to help the average working American.

I'll wait here while RWD ponders that.

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