FW: FW: I'm the Dumbest Man Alive!!!!



charlie said...

You're clearly dumber

If RWD believes that Joe Biden is the puppet of these so-called "Democratic Socialists," why doesn't he offer any evidence of that?

Do the opposite of Trump

So far, that's proving to be a pretty good plan. We vaccinated 4.6 million people last Saturday alone.

I took down Dr. Seuss

That's a lie. You have issues with the Dr. Seuss books? Talk to his estate, as they're the ones who removed the books from circulation.

Good move, too - they've sold a ton of books since then, and they're getting rich off of this non-controversy.

Biden took out Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head

He had nothing to do with either one, and both Dr. Seuss books and Mr. Potato Head are still available for sale.

Also - the Right is talking about these "controversies" because they have no legitimate arguments against anything the Biden administration is doing, which the public supports by a large margin.

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