FW: FW: The Democrats are wearing white again


charlie said...

Democrats started wearing all white...again

It's funny how Republicans seem to forget that the Democratic Party used to be the conservative one, but that all of the conservative Democrats became Republicans after the Civil Rights Act became law in 1964.

I have a chance to become the first gay United States President...

Republicans believe President Obama is gay?

[citation needed]

Even in Heaven there's a wall...

[citation needed]

Also - why is Donald Trump in that photo? He's the world's worst human being, and if there's a heaven, he'll never see it.

Trump will be the only President in history...releected in a landslide.

Given that he was impeached and acquitted for attempting to cheat in the upcoming election, that outcome, sadly, is actually possible.

This is where you decide you don't want a baby...

We're in the twenty first century, and Republicans are still unaware that most abortions do not have anything to do with failure to use birth control.

If it was my choice I would have executed you immediately.

Who is proosing executing children in foster homes?

You got any more of that overwhelming evidence?

Yes, lots. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has blocked access to the documents and the witnesses and then he bragged about it on camera.

Why don't they just have it in a gun-free zone?

Wait - don't the Republicans also have convention security to keep people with guns out?

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