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Unknown said...

----Has anyone hauled out the original documents from 1979 and qouted wht Sanders actually said?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

charlie said...

@Mandalay Bay Hotel, etc.

Sure. Took about five seconds.

Surprise! It's not true.


charlie said...

I tell the truth about politics

Donald Trump doesn't tell the truth about anything, and that's been thoroughly documented.

Nazis...instituted gun control. Nationalized health care.

The Nazis loosened gun laws. Every industrialized country on Earth has nationalized health care except one, and we have the most expensive healt care and the worst outcomes. RWD thinks that's a good thing?

...a political party turns 100% of their efforts and energy into destroying a duly elected president...

Not 100% of their efforts; the House has passed 400 bills that will improve the lives of the average American but the Senate refused to vote on them.

Also, Trump wasn't "duly elected;" he was elected with the help of Russia, which is illegal.

Also, Democrats weren't trying to "destroy" Donald Trump, they were trying to remove him from office for committing multiple crimes, which the Constitution says is punishable by...removal from office.

I'm the only Asian candidate.

Elizabeth Warren is not Asian, nor has she ever claimed to be.

All in favor of gun control, raise your...

Once again, the Nazis loosened gun laws.

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