charlie said...

Wow. They're still passing around fake photos of Obama's college ID?

The guy was born in the United States. He's no longer in the White House. Time to get over it.

The sheep/wolves image is a poor representation of gun control, as a "no wolves" sign won't do anything, but gun control, when employed at a national level, works everywhere it's been implemented.

But RWD knows that.

Don't know why Republicans bring up Venezuela every time they want to rant about Socialism.

Venezuela isn't an example of Socialism gone wrong; it's an example of out of control government corruption....like we'll soon have here, ironically enough.

Why not bring up Sweden instead? Oh, because Sweden is an example of how socializing public good actually works.

Unknown said...

---is the american Indian reference an attempt at a re-mix of anti-Elizabeth Warren with anti- Greta?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

Unknown said...

AMAZONPublished 3 hours ago
Jeff Bezos donates $10B to fight climate change

---How are the RWD e-mails going to respond to this?

---It is from FOX Business news website.

Unknown said...

--- know one answer. One website just skipped over the whole idea that climate change was happening in favor of critcizing positive television news coverage of Bezos' decision.

---Mandalay bay hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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