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charlie said...

The ACA prohibited non-compliant plans, but they grandfathered existing ones. If you had a plan, even a non-compliant one, you could keep it, provided that your insurer continued to offer it.

No one claimed that the ACA would force insurers to continue to offer non-compliant plans.

Also - the ACA came from a plan written by a Republican think tank. Why did Obama go with a Republican plan, rather than the single-payer plan the Democrats wanted?

Because he wanted a plan with bipartisan votes and the Heritage Foundation plan was the only one the Republicans said they'd support...

...which they then failed to do.

Despite its flaws, the ACA covers preexisting conditions and eliminates lifetime caps. It also produced the smallest (by percentage) premium increases in health insurance in 50 years.

Those things alone make the bill worthwhile. Of course, the Republicans know this. One Republican member of Congress came right out and said that the primary reason that Republicans were opposing the ACA is because they knew that once it became law, the public would like it.

Odd how all of this has been forgotten in less than a decade.

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