Fwd: Pelosi the hypocrite nutcase!!!!


delagar said...

Let me fix that for you, RWD: "If you're a corporation or part of the 1%, you get to keep more of the tax money you OWE THE COUNTRY as part of the price of living here. But don't worry! We're going to make the middle class and lower classes pay part of your share! And the rest? Why, we'll just put it on the credit card! Hey, why is that crazy lady upset? Women, amirite?"

Thx 4 Fish said...

Remember when our country was totally broke and we couldn't afford Obamacare and especially foreign aid payments? But then somehow a miracle happened and we stopped being broke--just long enough to give big tax cuts to corporations. But soon--when those tax cuts hit we will be broke again, and this time we will probably need to reduce entitlements by 25%. But then blamo -- we won't be broke anymore and we can build a trillion dollar wall with Mexico. But then the Mexicans will refuse to pay for it ! so we will be broke again, this time we will have make some difficult cuts to public education and social security and you can probably forget about infrastructure for a while too. That's just Republican priorities at work!

Mr_Creosote said...

Ironic RWD uses Pelosi as some leftist standard bearer, since she's actually a blue-dog third-way corporate tool.

I digress though...

"You get to keep more of your money"

Highly specious and oversimplified.

There are actually 11 income ranges this applies to over from 2019 to 2027. Some smaplings from a CBO chart, rounded to the next highest dollar.:

- The lower-middle class ( 30 to 40K/year ) will save about 245 dollars in 2019, Will LOSE 48 dollars/year in 2021, their taxes raising steadily to the point they'll lose 468 dollars a year in 2027.

- The "middle" middle classes ( 40K to 75K ) will save 470 to 813 dollars in 2019, with the savings getting less and less to the point where they'll actually LOSE money in 2027.

- Upper middle classes ( 75 to 100K and 100 to 200K ) will save $1207 and $2095 respectively in 2019, the savings eroding to $71 and $160 respectively in 2027.

- The 200K to over 1 million range comprise of 3 brackets. The savings numbers themselves, while much higher than all the other classes, aren't really of as much importance as the fact that: they never go into negative numbers like the lower classes.

- Now for the most perverse facts: The brackets in the less then 30K range will not save one dime...in fact their taxes GO UP in 2019 and rise steadily to the point they'll be paying over $700 MORE in taxes by 2027.

So, the "keep more of your money" claim, especially made to the republican "base" is insidiously awful bullshit.

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