Fw: Argentina

Subject: Fw: Argentina

Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 9:43 PM
Subject: Fw: Argentina

This is where we are heading here.

Subject: Argentina

This has been around before but worth watching again !!!  Take heed....

History is repeating itself.


gruaud said...

As has been noted before, the reason Argentina suffered after enacting social reform was the Great Depression. All nations were affected, even the rightwing oligarchies your masters so fervently desire for the US.

The giveaway: calling Medicare and Social Security underfunded entitlements. The 1% wants that money so very, very badly. And they may yet get it.

Randall said...

Yes we need to do away with pensions and medical care for everyone over 65, because having a large amount of elderly people living in (more) poverty and poor health will somehow strengthen our economy and nation-state. In addition it is a morale thing to do...

ferschitz said...

This video is overly simplistic and completely disingenuous. It's not providing correct information about what happened in Argentina. The movie with Madonna & Antonio Banderas would be both more entertaining and insightful.

This is another push from the Oligarchy to convince Trump's ginned up dittohead racist whites to hate Soc Sec & Medicare because heaven forfend some dirty lousy rotten minority poor person might get more than their "fair share."

This video disingenuously pretends that Argentina went under because of too high taxation on the "middle class" and an alleged explosion of the government. If Juan Peron was such a corporate fascist - as depicted (not totally inaccurately) - in one slide, then how does that connect to "exploding" the govt bureaucracy. Shorter A: it doesn't.

No wonder the dittoheads are so dumb. They're fed bullshit, lies, hype and spin 24/7/365. IOW, yet another day ending in "y" in conservatarded land.

And you think Donald Trump - a corporate fascist if there ever was one - is somehow, given the context of this stupid video, going to be different from Juan Peron? If so, why? Oh yeah, right, cognitive dissonance is RWD's default.


Hooray4US said...

Well RWD has been brainwashed to believe that somehow Obama is a Commie, a Fascist, a Socialist and the dog knows what else all rolled into one.

This ridiculously sad display posits that Peron over-taxed the "middle class," and then redistributed it - following along from his predecessor - to the worthless peons by continuing a public pension system and by giving the worthless useless poor people government jobs. The horror! And of course, all those over-taxed middle class people just went out of business because they were so overburdened with taxes.

So LOOK OUT BELOW!!!1111!! If Clinton or Sanders gets into office, we are all going to be learning the tango in a heartbeat.

Notice how BAD things got with Obama who did raise taxes a teeny tiny bit. Our country is on the road to wrack and ruin. And it's only because of horrible taxes on wealthier people. Unfair!

Has nothing to do with the largest transfer of wealth from the middle classes to the .001% ever. Don't look at that obscenely wealthy Oligarch behind the curtain. Move along now, kiddies, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump has loudly stated that he is not in favor of touching Social Security and Medicare. He says that people paid into it, and they deserve to get it back when they're elderly.

So who's RWD to believe now?

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