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date:Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 12:25 AM
subject:Photo: Liberalism


gruaud said...

None of those people are liberal with the exception of Warren and, to a lesser extent, Sharpton. Pretty sure you have no idea what 'liberal' means, Michael Berry. Except that he or she is your perceived enemy.

But that's hardly surprising. I've yet to meet a conservative who does.

ferschitz said...

I haven't met a true conservative, who's registered Republican, for at least a decade. What passes for conservative in this nation anymore is White Supremacist lunatic babbling fringe fascist nasties.

HRC and Elizabeth Warren both used to be GOP but switched parties bc the current "Democratic" party is somewhat more in line with what the old school (eg, green eye shade/country club) GOP was. It's where their ideas, such as they are, will be heard and perhaps countenanced. Geez, Elizabeth Warren pushes for Wall St and the Banks to be properly regulated so that the 99% aren't totally ripped off. Why how insanely "liberal" is that?? I guess Tea Tardz love being ripped off by the Banks and Wall St. So be it.

If the current crop of Tea Partiers and what passes for GOP voters want to point fingers at characters like Sharpton & Stephanopolis, one can point out charlatans and useless tools on their side of the aisle. So what?

BTW, Caitlyn Jenner considers herself conservative and a member of the Republican party, but guess who just kicked her off the bus? Nasty narrow-minded blowhards who are afraid of their shadows.

As for Obama bowing low to the Saudis? Well we've played this game countless times before. There's loads of photos of Pappy & W Bush bowing to the Saudi's, kissing them on the lips and holding hands with them. Go buy a clue.


Anonymous said...

Jenner is a member of the GOP. It's strange considering they hate her, but it's true.

Hooray4US said...

The sexist homophobic GOP voters all loved Jenner before she transitioned. Ya know: hero gold medal winning apparently manly guy. Once Jenner decided to become her best self, of course, the Tea Party beat a hasty retreat and now detests her and wastes not an instant to mock, shame and diss her.

Rightwing think tanks/pundits tell lies to their rank and file that Jenner is now duly anointed as that most terrible of all horrible things, a dreadful nasty vile "liberal."

Are all those young Republican males, who place adds on Grindr & Craigs list for homosexual hookups at the CPAC convention, also "liberals"??

Anonymous said...

LOL at how DUMB all you liberal commentators are on here.

These people pictured are not up to the test of being labeled either LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE.

It's how you liberals view them.....as your "heroes".

Again...the liberal mind is a very sick mind and distorts reality to fit it's own agenda.

Liberalism is a dire mental illness.

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...

I know a lot of people who consider themselves liberal, progressive and/or a "Democratic" voter, along with the regulars who comment here. Absolutely none of them - not one - sees any of those people pictured as their "heroes."

That's a typical projection created by rightwing think tanks sent forth to their dittoheads directing said dittoheads to believe this false trope about so-called "liberals."

The paid bot-troll continues to spout echo chamber bullshit bc that's all s/he's got, other than the usual nasty name-calling of a poorly disciplined 5 year old. Typical.

Anonymous said...

RWD has been trained to be rude, disrespectful, hateful, racist, sexist. When RWD witnesses someone being tolerant, respectful or even just neutral towards a politician, RWD confuses this as "hero" worship.

Adults are capable of being diplomatic towards others whether we agree with them or not. We don't have to be a rude asshole to prove our bona fides.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the troll sounds morre and more like Michael Savage, AKA the 'Savage Weiner'? He's probably stealing stuff off Savage's website.

CharlieE said...

@ Mike Hawk
It's how you liberals view them.....as your "heroes".

I see no reason to think so, especially since the RWF doesn't explicitly state that.

Liberalism is a dire mental illness.

Yes, I am aware that Republicans view the desire to use government for the benefit of its citizens that way. Pretty odd, since I always assumed that helping the people who live here was the entire purpose of government.

But you're free to regard it as a mental illness if you wish.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how the content of this RWF indicates that "liberals" see all of these people as heroes. Some of the labels don't even make sense.

Agent86 said...

Nothing in any RW forward makes sense so no reason to expect this one to be any different. Their sole purpose is to inflame emotions of their senile or otherwise mentally challenged base, not make sense. After all this comes from a group who can't stop obsessing over male genitalia, nor can they be consistent about whether Obama is the black Hitler genius or the black Alfred E. Neuman.

gruaud said...


"Are all those young Republican males, who place adds on Grindr & Craigs list for homosexual hookups at the CPAC convention, also "liberals"?? "

It's become routine that whenever FOX has to report on any Republican who's been caught in some scandal, they invariably place a 'D' after his name.

From Rational Wiki:

The party switch

One of the more interesting Fox Techniques involves the fairly consistent "party switch" from Republican (R) to Democrat (D) when a prominent GOP member is caught up in a public scandal. The following is a list of various examples of such (see here for screen captures of each):

Mark Foley - A Republican member of the House of Representatives from Florida, Foley was alleged to have sent sexually inappropriate messages via email and text messages to teenage male pages. Ironically, he also introduced the "Child Modeling Exploitation prevention Act of 2002". In several interviews, Fox News tagged him as a (D), or Democrat, on their subtitles.[61]

John McCain - Seen by many as a more moderate Republican during and following the 2004 Republican primaries, Fox News also labeled him a (D).

Whitehouse / Chafee - During the pivotal 2006 Senate election in Rhode Island, eventual victor Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse was polling 10+ percentage points over the incumbent Lincoln Chafee. Fox News reported that Whitehouse (R) was leading Chafee (D) by 11 points (see above link for screen capture).
##Ted Stevens - Prior to the 2008 Senate elections, this Senator from Alaska was facing charges of failing to disclose benefits received. Fox News labeled him a (D).

Mark Sanford - The Republican Governor of South Carolina in 2009 was dramatically found to be having an affair with an Argentinian woman after a week in which his whereabouts were unknown. During his press conference in which he admitted his affair, Fox News identified him as a (D).

ferschitz said...

Heh... thanks for the reminder, Gruaud, of how Fox (and no doubt other rightwing outlets) deliberately lie about party affiliation when some Republican politician is busted in a scandal. I have seen screen shots of Fox doing just that.

So, per Hooray's question - I suppose of one of the many (and there are many) younger male Republicans who advertise on Grindr and Craigs list for homosexual hook ups during the CPAC convention was busted, the usual rightwing media outlets would, in fact, label them as "liberal" or as Democratic party members... just as they've labeled Caitlyn Jenner as liberal, despite the fact that Caitlyn has publically announced that she is a conservative Republican.

So, lies and the lying liars who tell them.

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