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Subject: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad

We knew there was money behind this deal but we didn't know who until

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad owns all of  the rail lines in the
US connecting to western Canada and they haul 80%+ of the  crude from
Canada to the mid west and Texas or charge other Short Line railroads a
fee to use their tracks.  BNSF charges $30 per barrel to haul the oil
where the Keystone would cost $10 by the State Departments own
estimates. BNSF largest shareholder is Berkshire Hathaway whose
chairman is Warren Buffet.   In the last 2 election cycles  Buffet gave
extensively to Democrat causes and candidates including $40K+ to Obama
in 2012.   He also bundled and hosted numerous fundraisers for Obama.

Buffet could stand to lose $2B+ a year if the pipeline goes in and he
makes the same amount every year it's delayed.   This is crony
capitalism at it's finest and what is making people mad at our corrupt
federal government.


Anonymous said...

Even if this story wasn't bullshit, what do you right wing nutjobs want to do about it? According to your conservative champions on the Supreme Court money = speech, and nothing but the most blatant pro quo between politicians and donors qualifies as "corruption".

ferschitz said...

"This is crony
capitalism at it's finest and what is making people mad at our corrupt federal government."

I totally agree! This IS crony capitalism & corruption at its worst.

Disclaimer: I'm no lover of Warren Buffet, anymore than I'm a lover of the Scaife's, the Mellons, Sheldon Adelman, etc.

The 1% has captured the USG and rendered it useless to serve the needs of the 99%.

What is so bogus about this post, though, is that it focuses on Buffet's donations to so-called "Democrats." If anyone believes that Buffet doesn't donate ALSO to putative "Republicans," than I have a bridge to sell you.

This is yet more spurious divide and conquer nonsense sent forth to authoritarian brainwashed rightwingers to make believe that there's some HUGE difference between the 2 branches of the UniParty. And that, somehow, Republican politicians are paying attention to and serving the needs of conservative wingnuts in the 99%. They're not. Get over it. Both purported "parties" serve the needs of the 1%.

What is the solution? Certainly victimizing yourselves to so-called "liberals" has done absolutely NOTHING to improve the situation for anyone in the 99%, while the Rentiers at the top continue to rake in mega-bucks.

Wake up, Sheeples. You are being royally played by b.s. like this.

gruaud said...

Utter crap.

The Keystone tar sand oil isn't even for the US. TransCanada made that abundantly clear. That oil all goes to PRC and other Asian countries.

So stop wanking over Keystone, already. We get nothing out of it except a couple of thousand temporary jobs, a thrashed environment, and massive depletion of our aquifers.

The US would be totally screwed by this deal.

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