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Subject: Telling it like it is


Anonymous said...

Not a chance in hell I'm clicking on a link with that URL.

CharlieE said...

I watched two seconds of it, just to see what it is. It's seven minutes and forty one seconds from the O'Reilly Factor.

No need to watch any more.

ferschitz said...

Oh, it's something from the pie-hole of noted sexual abuser, Loofah/Felalfal O'Reilly?

Thanks for the tip so I don't waste even 2 seconds of my time listening to him tirade about nothing. Blowhard serial liar offering worthless b.s. to the dittoheads.

Randall said...

Here is your conversation

Randall said...

Oh hey on a side note, did you know if you ask anyone along the 8-mile road in Detroit what ruined it they will say narcotics? And all this time I had thought it was the steel and auto industries moving their jobs to other counties that ruined Detroit. Nah it was drugs.

gruaud said...

Right backatcha, Bill.


ferschitz said...

Randall: your viewpoint is simplistic. To say that Detroit got destroyed simply bc of drugs is inaccurate, albeit there's likely some truth to that.

I'd say it's more a combination and confluence of many events, which are affecting not just Detroit but the rest of this nation. Call it: America the Third World plan.

Detroit's 1% chose to off-shore many jobs to third world countries, hoovering up the profits for themselves, while actually doing a pretty terrible job. Detroit's formerly strong working class, which had the ability to lead a decent lifestyle, found themselves jobless and homeless.

And yes, then became ripe fodder for gangs and drugs. Which came first?

Final question: who do you think is the really BIG Kahuna pushing the drugs in Detroit & elsewhere? Consider that question deeply. Who's really behind that? Who's really making money from illegal drug sales in Detroit and elsewhere? Who really wants US citizens to be drugged up & useless? Who stands to benefit from that?

Anonymous said...

Detroit's formerly strong working class, which had the ability to lead a decent lifestyle, found themselves jobless and homeless.

Don't forget that Detroit was a many-decades long project in segregation along racial lines. Redlining, state policies maintaining school segregation, and the city's highways forcing everyone to drive everywhere weakened any hope of building a strong community. Then, once the car industry started to fail in the '70s and '80s, Detroit had nothing else to fall back on.

Randall said...

Ferschitz, I guess my sarcasm didn’t come across. In his little tirade know-it-all jackass and Rupert Murdock talking piece O'reilly makes some comment about drugs ruining Detroit. To me rampant drug and alcohol abuse is a symptom of a much greater problem. I see the downfall of Detroit as a mixture of globalization and the good old fashion free market. As the automakers shipped the jobs to Canada and Mexico because paying an America a decent salary is not profitable.

In addition my link for whatever reason didn’t come across but here is the daily show’s conversation on racism: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTuv44_mW-I

ferschitz said...

Thanks for the clarification, Randall. Makes more sense.

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