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Subject: Fwd: Meeting Notice

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Date: Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Meeting Notice

Subject: Meeting Notice
Paula Dean – I hope some network and sponsors pick her up and she makes 10 times the money she made with the Food Network.  Her disgraceful treatment by the hypocritical, sanctimonious left is just another example of how wussified this country has become!
Subject: Fw: Meeting Notice
The Southeastern District meeting for P>40WHNSTNW (people over 40 who have not said the ‘N’ word)
will be held in the phone booth at the corner of Peachtree St. and Ponce De Leon Ave in Atlanta on Monday, July 8.
We apologize for the size of the accommodations but a smaller venue could not be secured.


Anonymous said...

Hey way to double down on racism. And these are the same people that believe the Voting Rights Act is/was obsolete. By the way, nothing makes minorities want to vote for your party more than claiming that you secretly loath them.

Anonymous said...

So they're proud of their racism? Disgusting.

LiberalGunner said...

You learn as you grow that saying things are wrong.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Except it wasn't any political groups that dropped Deen, it was her own free-market, corporate sponsors who didn't want to be associated with her. And it wasn't about one use of the N word, but a whole history of racist behavior as an employer. I attempted to explain this to MRW relative - but she covered her ears and shouted "I can't hear you." Which is how all of our political conversations end.

ferschitz said...

Thx 4 Fish beat me to it. No one on the so-called "left" had Paula Deen "fired," and Deen has a honking huge history of all kinds of racist behavior that goes way beyond using the "N" word when she was young.

I have relatives in Alabama - good folks - but I've personally witnessed cringe-making behavior and comments and use of certain words & racist attitudes & actions... up front & close, as they say. Even as a kid in the 1960s, it was cringe-inducing and not something that I liked to witness. But OK, that's how things were back then. Give Deen a break for whatever went down in her youth.

But the Free Market - which these fake "Libertarians" like to pretend that they worship, along with mammon - is what/who had Deen fired. Too bad, so sad, get used to it. The almighty Corporations said: get lost, Deen!

Now we get to witness self-serving rightwingers throwing a temper-tantrum because Deen got caught and called on her racist bigotry. And I'm supposed to "feel bad" because I'm a "liberal"???

Uuuuh, WHY????

I thought all you Prosperity Christians and fake Libertarians all loved the Free Market to pieces. So the almighty Free Market took away Deen's mammon for being a bigoted asshole.

Call the waaaaahmubulance.

Don't worry about Paula Deen. She's rich beyond belief. Like I should "feel sorry" for her?? Get a clue.

CharlieE said...

Don't worry about Paula Deen. She's rich beyond belief.

But she isn't going to get any richer now. In the eyes of Republicans, that is the real tragedy here.

Hooray4US said...

To CharlieE: maybe. I think what rightwingers think is more the "real tragedy" of Deen being fired is that one more racist has bit the dust on the airways.

boo de effen hoo....

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