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I am tired of this but you will find this informative and sad. C.T.

This is the best example (based on actual interviews with Obama voters) you will see in a very long time about how Obama got elected. And it reveals where people are getting the news that shaped their opinions. You will be stunned at what you hear.

PLEASE watch this video and pass it on!



Anonymous said...

John Zeigler is a non partisan, non controversial, and smart guy who would clearly portray the facts in the least biased and most straight forward way. How dare you post this on myrightwingdad John Zeigler is an all American Hero and not right wing at all! >:(

SJT said...

For those who don't know yet, this whole Zeigler thing is a travesty which gives polling a bad name. Nate Silver ripped it apart over at 538.com, and then Zeigler actually agreed to an interview to try and defend his work. The transcript is hilarious and exposes Zeigler for the hack he is:


Matto the Hun said...

Hi Anonnymous!

Are you being sarcastic?

It's absurdly easy to call bullshit on this tripe.

It starts out by saying they conducted a "scientific study" of the most informed Obama supporters they could find.

Either they misrepresented their "study" and did not try very hard, or they, most likely, lied outright and put either the least informed or got people to pose as Obama supporters.

I know plenty of people, including myself who are capable of answering these questions.

Furthermore, I can string together many of the emails on this site and and plethora of YouTube videos of indisputable McCain/Palin supporters saying the most absurd, ignorant, and hateful racist remarks. Here's some highlights:

1. He's Muslim: not true, AND shows a hateful bias against Muslims.

2. Pals around with terrorists: blatantly untrue, the issue has been answered.

3. Racist monkey cartoons/imagery where the monkey is supposed to be Obama.

4. Racist references including negative stereotypes with watermelon and fried chicken.

5. Numerous video of Republicans at rallies saying "It's the white house not the black house"... or just "it's the white house", saying his daughters will play rap in the white house, "We can't have a black in the white house.".

6. claims he is a socialist, also untrue and only shows Republicans who buy into that are so pathetically stupid they don't have the slightest idea what Socialism is.

Face it the reason the right lost is because they made a pathetic mess of things after over twenty years of Republican rule (starring w/ Regan), they have no ideas what so ever. and all they offer is



and Hate.

So I'll take the hand full of uninformed knuckleheads this right wing misleading liar dug up over the absolute idiocy, bigotry, intolerance and hate that makes up the right wing any damn day of the week.

You go ahead and keep spreading your hate, it worked so damn well for you this time around.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this whole thing would have pissed me off more if Obama hadn't already won.

This guy says he wants to see how "informed" Obama voters are about the "issues", and then he hauls out a lot of half true and un-true TALKING POINTS. He doesn't ask anyone about *real* issues. He might as well have asked "Which of the four candidates voluntarily spent years in the company of America's enemy?" for all the truthiness of these questions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think you meant to say that Ziegler is a moronic shill for the Republican party, but you were impaired by the glue you were sniffing.

OK, that's harsh, maybe not glue.

Spray paint?

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