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"This is the kind of stuff I get daily from friends and family." -Mike

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  The Aging of Presidents
 Much has been said about the aging of the
President of the United States during their terms in office.  Below are just a few examples (pictures on the left were taken their first year in office, pictures on the right were taken during their last year in office):

                          Ronald Reagan

                                Bill Clinton


                                George W. Bush

  And now with state of the art computer
imaging software, we can look into the future and see what our next potential president will look like after his term in office:


and even his wife.....Michelle


winnowhead said...

I don't get right wing "humor." Is it supposed to be funny because they're both black?

Anonymous said...

Interesting post and blog. Relevantly, many prominent experts and publications have pointed out that Obama is part of Generation Jones, born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and GenXers.
This link takes you to a page you may find interesting: it has, among other things, excerpts from publications like Newsweek and the New York Times, and videos with over 25 top pundits, all talking specifically about Obama’s identity as a GenJoneser:

Matto the Hun said...

I think you have to be a card carrying asshole to find this right wing "humor" funny.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought -- Obama should be so lucky as to be compared with Redd Foxx. He was quite the comedian when he stepped away from Sanford.

As for the Michelle picture... has it become tradition to hate Democratic first ladies? The VRWC leftovers must be losing it to know that there just isn't as much dirt as there seemed to be with Hillary...

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