Mailbox Time! "I feel your pain..."

Here's a funny note of empathy from a fellow right-wing rant recipient in Arkansas...
I thought I was the only person who got these hideous things forwarded from my ultra-right-wing brother (and sister-in-law) and niece! I have dozens of liberal (read “rational”) friends but none of them send me leftwing versions of this stuff. At first, I started trying to debunk the worst of them by politely pointing the sender to snopes or urbanlegends. Then I started just trying to ignore them by trashing them immediately but then I started missing actual family correspondence (grandniece’s birthday parties, brother’s travel plans, etc). Once I even started a really vehement response but then trashed it in favor of familial harmony (we don’t Talk politics – it’s a rule). Then I started seeking out maybe a good “Mother Jones” or “Nation” article to start forwarding to counteract this but I was fearful that it might start a blizzard of these things coming in response. So now I have to actually READ the horrid things and then trash them.

Thanks for the bit of relief and a place to rant about it! Fortunately, my main source of these things just dried up a few weeks ago when my ultra-Christian, rightwing, traditional family values, God-fearing niece got caught by her husband flirting with men online and he’s taken her PC access away (ahhh the irony)!

Best regards from, as my brother would say, “the Peoples Republic of Fayetteville” Arkansas (it’s very tree-huggy, liberal here in Northwest Arkansas),


Oh. PC access denied.. That had to of been a rough spot. Nothing faith in Right-Wing righteousness won't cure!

Care to describe your experience with the Right-One in your family? Send your rant to myrightwingdad [at] -Mike


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