FW: FW: Liberal's response to COVID



charlie said...

Socialists Response to COVID

Socialism is a system of government where the state controls all means of production.

There are no Socialists in power at any level of U.S. government.

Capitalists, meanwhile.

"Produce a viable vaccine" - with the help of billions in government funding.
"Innovate new treatments" - with the help of billions in government funding.
"Produce a billion masks" - with the help of billions in government funding and orders from the government to do so.
"Provide the best medical care in the world" - while not caring if anyone can actually afford that.

Child Trafficking...War deaths...Obesity deaths...

What evidence was provided to show that liberals don't care about those things?

None, of course.

Watching a President create one of the strongest economies in American history...

Donald Trump has done no such thing, as he's signed no economic legislation at all in four years in office.

The "other guy," on the other hand, was part of the previous administration, which did produce this economy.

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