FW: FW: What if we all started wearing Trump 2020 Masks?



charlie said...

How long before the experts say we no longer need to wear them?

Experts will tell us to stop wearing masks when the pandemic is over.

But why would we all start wearing "Trump 2020" masks?

Would this surprise you?

No. No one gets exposed to more people without masks than Donald Trump. Keeping a safe distance from him would be a smart move.

So would refusing to debate him. He's just going to lie, repeatedly, on national television. Why give him the platform?

Am I the only one who sees death to America in the DNC logo?

Yes. Odd that RWD would suggest that, when the Republicans' lack of action in this pandemic is literally killing Americans at a rate of 1000 per day.

Unknown said...

---why did not Trump himself suggest that back in march of 2020?

---mandalay Bay hotel in 2017 fiXATED GUY.

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